Australian super intelligence Wellington Phoenix this season, the Australian Super League one point

Australian super intelligence: Wellington Phoenix this season the A-League scoreless Saturday 004             Macao; Wellington; Phoenix VS Newcastle jets       2016-11-05 14:35         team status: Wellington Phoenix is the season of the A-League so far only a team with no points. On the weekend at Melbourne cubic their 1:6 defeat in Melbourne victory at the foot of defender Fawkes in the game to eat two yellow cards sent off, the game will be Parke and Moorhouse sat out, the latter will hurt absent for two weeks, but Rossi and Doyle returned to the horse team, the team lineup was neat. Is this game starting lineup: Moss ma – Rossi Leah von den Deulen Te Macklin Chi Bonevacia Fenkner Goering Lidon Dunbabaluo Texas Newcastle jets compared to Wellington Phoenix, the team this season’s performance to a lot of good, the first three wins and two draws unbeaten. However, in the last weekend of the Australian Super League, Newcastle jets home 0:2 lost to the leader of the Sydney FC, the lineup, midfielder Kanta Lovskey injured, which is a small loss to the midfield of the team. The young striker Fernando Nabot, is expected to enter the list. Is this game starting lineup: Duncan Bogarde Hamill Bukit Kaka Bohn Brown Caunt Llopis Hawley Vujakovic Nostrand Haliday Venue: the game will be held in the Wellington Phoenix Home Court West Pacific stadium, is expected to match day temperature of 12 degrees, rain is near. The two sides clash of history records: the last season of the A-League, Newcastle jets struck Wellington phoenix. Recommendation: Shengping Fu Sheng @1.82 both from last season’s League clash record this season league, Newcastle jets are stronger than the Wellington phoenix. But for the Wellington Phoenix, the team this season to score points, then the home court, in the face of the opponent jet like to do. The Gambling company of the game Super hemisphere high water opening, directly to the chupan hemisphere, or recognized by the operations of the Phoenix home court, by the injection water level decreased slightly, matches went to hemisphere high water, plus the game may rain, rain and the advantage of greater competition, good Phoenix to get the new season first victory. (AHA)相关的主题文章: