Bazhong more than and 30 drivers added to the gasoline business survey results surprising

The results of the survey and more than and 30 drivers to crooked gasoline in Bazhong surprise this year October 19th morning, more than 30 drivers in Bazhong with a gas station with 93 gasoline, both the car just started on the flame phenomenon, involving the gas station for the economic development zone of Bazhong City Hongfu gas station. Bazhong City, then set up a joint investigation of the gas station gasoline and a sample inspection and investigation. Chengdu Daily reporter learned that the latest, at present, someone’s gas station is still not open, but after investigation, on October 19th to this batch of nearly 30 tons of gasoline, 11.14 tons of mixed crude oil. The gas station a responsible person said, in addition to the direct economic losses, the problem of gasoline, also bring great effect to the gas station’s reputation after the results came out, the oil dealers will prosecute in accordance with legal procedures. In October 29th the progress of the investigation in a jar of oil mixed 11 tons of crude oil in Bazhong Industrial and Commercial Bureau by inspection detachment vice captains Xiang Xu told the Chengdu Daily reporter, two investigators rushed to Ningxia, Yinchuan and other places, through the investigation for about a week, has now identified: Tivoli gas station in October 19th purchased this batch of 93 gasoline, divided into two loading. Tivoli gas station was purchased by oil dealers Zhang gasoline, October 16th, Zhang bought 19.8 tons of No. 93 gasoline from Yinchuan Fine Chemical Company Limited, with sales of refined oil wholesale business license, can provide product quality certificate. Then in October 17th, Zhang somewhere in Yanchi County, South to buy 11.14 tons of raw oil, the South can not provide refined oil wholesale business license and product quality certificate. Nearly 30 tons of oil will reach two Zhang were packed in a car, on the morning of October 19th arrived in Bazhong Hongfu gas station. The gas station in the absence of inspection and acceptance of the implementation of the purchase, the unloading of oil storage. It is understood that the raw oil is a semi refined oil, but also need to enter the field of petrochemical processing of oil, a ton of raw oil is probably cheaper than finished gasoline 600 yuan. Xiang Xu introduction, the results will come out a few days, the specific situation is still inconvenient to disclose. South the existence of illegal business will be Chaogu business departments for quality inspection in Yanchi county.相关的主题文章: