Because the bike has a look at the mobile phone 19 year old guy broke into transverse

Because the bike has a look at the mobile phone 19 year old guy broke into transverse rupture because it couldn’t help glancing at the message when riding at the age of 19, he Lianren car fell to the ground, I did not expect this fall has attracted a big trouble — transverse rupture. To recover, also has two major surgery. Lying in a hospital bed, he regret a previous mistake. In October 28th 9 in the evening, chef ho to work as usual, riding a cable car to the residential district of Hong Kong to si. On the way, "Ding Dong" sound to a mobile phone message, he habitually took a glance at his mobile phone, who want to not see the content, a car bumps cause the focus of instability, even with the car suddenly fell on the road. Unfortunately, the car battery handlebar just poked his belly. "When the stomach is a little pain, but also bear directly back home." He told the doctor that his home and ate some painkillers, feeling no right, no hospital check. Unexpectedly, the evening of November 2nd, he suddenly stomach pain, the pain can not stand up, lying on the ground roll straight. Family rushed him to the hospital. After examination, where a body temperature of 38.4 degrees, CT suggested that "a little gas density of abdominal and pelvic cavity organ, rupture, abdominal and pelvic hematocele." The doctor is small he underwent surgery overnight. The doctor found that surgery where the colon had a diameter of about 0.5 cm hole, visceral congestion and edema, full of bloody fluid surrounding the turbidity, about 500 ml, which also mixed with a lot of leaking from the intestines of dirt. "Because there is no timely diagnosis and missed the best time to repair, operation should take two steps." The doctor told reporters, the evening is where the implementation of the "laparoscopic exploration, transverse colostomy, three months later, he also need to do a colostomy surgery to recover back satisfied.". Cycling at the mobile phone, the price really is quite large. What a little regret. According to doctors, some hollow viscera blunt abdominal trauma caused by rupture, not necessarily after injury soon, especially gastrointestinal rupture or tear is small, often appear late signs of peritonitis. Clinically, this part of the case for delayed intestinal perforation. The doctor reminds, injured early to the hospital by CT routine examination can be found in most of the visceral laceration, encountered like he, should be promptly to the hospital, so as not to miss the best treatment time. (reporter correspondent Chen Min Sun Meijun)

只因骑车时看了一眼手机 19岁小伙摔成横结肠破裂   只因为骑车时忍不住看了一眼短信,19岁的小何连人带车摔倒在地,没想到这一摔竟惹来了大麻烦――横结肠破裂。要恢复如初,还得先后动两次大手术。躺在医院的病床上,小何悔不当初。   10月28日晚上9点,厨师小何下班后像往常一样骑着电瓶车往居住的泗港小区赶。路上,手机“叮咚”一声来了短信,小何习惯性地伸手掏出手机瞄了一眼,谁想还没等看清内容,车子一记颠簸导致重心不稳,连人带车一下子倒在了路上。不巧的是,电瓶车车把正好戳到了他的腹部。   “当时肚子是有点疼,不过还能忍受,就直接回了家。”小何告诉医生,回家后自己又吃了点止疼药,感觉没有大碍,就没上医院检查。   没想到11月2日傍晚,小何的肚子突然又痛了起来,整个人疼得站不起来,躺在地上直打滚。家人急忙将他送到医院。经检查,小何体温达38.4度,CT提示“腹盆腔内少许气体密度影,空腔脏器破裂可能,腹盆腔积血。”   医生连夜为小何进行了手术。术中医生发现小何的横结肠破了一个直径约0.5厘米的小孔,腹腔内脏器充血水肿,周边充满浑浊的血性液体,约有500毫升,其中还夹杂着不少从肠子里漏出来的脏物。   “因为没有及时就诊错过了最佳的手术修补时机,导致手术需要分两步走。”医生告诉记者,当天晚上已为小何实施了“腹腔镜探查、横结肠造瘘术”,三个月后,小何还需再做一个“结肠造瘘回纳术”才能恢复如初。   骑车看手机,这个代价还真是蛮大的。小何那个悔啊。   据医生介绍,部分闭合性腹部外伤所致的空腔脏器破裂,不一定在伤后很快出现,尤其是下消化道破裂或裂口较小时,腹膜炎体征常常出现较迟。临床上把这部分的病例称为迟发性肠穿孔。医生提醒,受伤早期,到医院通过CT等常规检查可以发现大部分的内脏挫裂伤,遇到像小何这样的情况,还是应该及时到医院就诊,以免错过最佳治疗时机。(记者陈敏 通讯员孙美君)相关的主题文章: