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But the Silk Road (the end) – Emei Jinding – Sohu tourism 10.14 in the afternoon, we went to Emei Mountain at the foot of Leshan Giant Buddha from the rest, night around eating some snacks, and then returned to the hotel (a large shop window, blankets, and a coffee table, sitting on the top side of the Internet, drink tea chat. I feel very comfortable). Then Xiaotao Huhudashui, I organize photos and write BLOG into the night, to the Badan Jilin desert photo spread on BLOG for everyone to enjoy. Love on the keyboard in the night, an express voice, especially in the leisurely and carefree journey in this beautiful scenic area of the lonely night, listening to the ticking sound of the keyboard, recalling the journey highlights, Miss distant relatives and friends, there is a "Bashan rain autumn pool up" feeling! Time is near, I started the new silk road to the last station, has set a 17 day flight to Guangzhou, very reluctant to terminate such a wonderful dream! Even if the board has played a layer of bubbles, but still hope can continue to travel down, no end point! 10.15 early in the morning, we started to climb Emei, along the tour the temple, such as mid Qing Yinge million years mountain scenery, along with more groups, often in visitors to beg, wins a major feature for the emei. According to the plan, 5 pm before we came to take the cable car from Lei Dongping Emei jinding. The dome on the first to find a hotel stay, to lay down their luggage, and then slowly to enjoy the evening meal, and then back to the hotel to rest, the 16 day at 5 in the morning to get up, go to the east side of Jinding constantly occupied a good position, shooting clouds sunrise. Today the route is: Mount Emei Travel Center – Baoguosi passenger transportation center – wanniansi yard – – yard – Wuxian Kong Qingyin Ge Lei Dongping yard – cable car jinding. To see the beginning of the Ten Golden Grand eight Puxian Bodhisattva gilded sculpture, feel very magnificent and solemn! The front steps on each side of a row of the top of the Lun law like, surrounded by peaks rise amid pinnacle, misty clouds, is really worthy of its Glowing rays shine in all directions., Millennium Buddhist shrine, with "show the world" and "Emei world show" all praise tourist resort! Emei peak Wan Fuding elevation 3079.3 meters. The whole situation and towering majestic mountains, verdant vegetation rich, so there is a "male show" reputation. Visitors have been easy to take a cable car on top, overlooking the sea of clouds miles in the Jinding, can enjoy "sunrise", "sea of clouds", "Buddha" and "shengdeng" four big scenic spot. Buddha is the most magnificent wonders of Mount Emei. Oh, everyone will think about Emei, Emei sword in the novels of Jin Yong, Nun Killer etc.. In fact, there is no sword. Which is the real existence of Emei martial arts of Shaolin, Wudang, and she called the three sects. The characteristics of Emei Wushu total, is also just as well soft, such as various martial arts is tall,stately and handsome, one of the most beautiful posture. Unfortunately, Nun Killer no never mind, no Zhou Zhiruo, is a big loss! Oh, after taking a lot of photos, the sky is dark! We came to a luxurious delicacy city on the top of the hill, a few dishes, worship of five Zang fu. O.相关的主题文章: