Central media exposing the Shenzhou spacecraft package process is better than the gym 2 hours – Sohu jiqingwuyuetian

The central media exposing the Shenzhou spacecraft packet process: more than 2 hours of the gym – Sohu Military Channel text with map: November 18, 2016, Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft successfully landed in Inner Mongolia, the main landing field. Science and Technology Daily News November 20th, November 18th in the afternoon, the Shenzhou eleven spacecraft carrying two astronauts flying a parachute landing, giant red and white dragging it, eye-catching. Reporters from the China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Five 508 learned that the Shenzhou spacecraft main parachute parachute area of about 1200 square meters, all after the start can cover three basketball field. And such a huge monster, but the body is light, weight less than one hundred kg, furled volume less than 200 litres, can be put into ordinary household refrigerators. This involves the sounds of simple, but there is a very high technical content – umbrella. Packet flow umbrella for dozens of procedures, the main operations are: hanging umbrella, to release the internal stress of materials and clean the remainder; folding canopy, canopy will be in order; ensure that any two combs the parachute, the parachute or not cross winding; finishing pack; loading parachute; packet; weighing. Every step of the process affects how the three basketball giant umbrella into the refrigerator". 96 umbrella ropes are not wound who have had this experience: want to use the headset, the headset line out of the bag will take a long time to solve a scene of chaos. Two headset line is so complicated, as many as 96, a length of about 50 meters of the parachute rope how to straighten out the spaceship? 508 staff introduced the know-how. First of all, the umbrella rope made of special materials, the surface is smooth, it is not easy to knot. Secondly, the staff will use a tool called the comb rope, the rope in accordance with the order of the number of rows, each 12 a group, from the comb to the tail. The parachute after carding can be orderly arranged in the pack, keep knotting in pulled out winding. The iron and steel power installed "elephant" umbrella canopy fill to pack clothes, strength, and technology. When a person, will be responsible for the canopy stacked flat and initial compaction; two subsidiary, responsible for sorting into the parachute canopy. The folded and rolled up the quilt as thick, filled into the pack should be uniform and orderly, but also full, no gap, by controlling the intensity of the umbrella bag. With the fist, compaction canopy, with palm or fingers, also be flexible to use, according to the position of the canopy in the parachute if foolhardy, may damage the canopy. The canopy, parachute rope and sling connected components are filled into the pack, not only completed by human, 15 tons of pressure, which is about the weight of two elephants. The staff also has a "steel elephant" – pressure bag umbrella machine. In the process of covering the umbrella, it is necessary to cooperate with each other, and then use the umbrella machine to be compacted. Repeated several times, in order to parachute into full pack. The moment the parachute canopy packet to determine the success or failure of all need to be filled into the pack, pack the mouth shut, this is called "packet". Because the canopy parachute is enormous pressure on the pressure under the umbrella bag machine into the pack inside.相关的主题文章: