Chai Junli Jin Jinjia five Lianyin stock drop can be no solution to the oil

Chai Junli Gold: gold five Lianyin stock drop can be no solution to the oil city through Monday, after Tuesday’s weak shocks, Wednesday gold bear finally broke out, 6985 morning fell to the lowest 1313 gold in a wave of strong support, short-term short may continue. Recently the United States that behave abnormally strong, after fed governor Brainard’s dovish remarks by the United States that fall short, strong rebound yesterday, affecting dovish remarks bring short-term support to the gold price, the market depending on the speech cannot clap with one hand can not be sustained, quickly and exactly the same Monday’s market. The market trend is not what we can control, we can do is based on past trends and trend surface analysis and judge the next, so please don’t ask, where can the market, actually can not to who do not know, operation loss is normal, always blindly complain about others, why not Jingxiaxinlai review yourself? Take advantage of the trend, but the trend will perish! Before you decide the market direction, try to choose to wait and see, not blind operation. Because too many uncertain factors, anything is possible, after all things change, not settled, it is difficult to final judgement, but this thinking in our investment in more need to keep, you don’t think the possible market, often happen, after all, we are not God, nor a fortune teller. Need to accept those you think are impossible but does occur in the market, or only in this way, not only in the wrong road, farther and farther. From the current situation, in September the rate hike is not likely, it is not sure to raise interest rates in December, the U.S. election, the ruling party if you want to get more votes, to stabilize the market, the Fed’s decision on it prudent to be cautious. OPEC freeze produced a mystery, after Russia issued a joint statement in Saudi Arabia, the two countries reached a series of cuts, reduced OPEC crude oil yield data on oil prices slowly to provide support, while Iran’s last cold production take a tough attitude, this time also feel not relent, so I think this is the success rate of frozen production meeting will not be too big, but it can not be said. In August, OPEC members produced 33 million barrels of oil per day, 200 thousand barrels less than in July. The decrease in output is mainly from Saudi Arabia’s estimated daily production by 43 thousand barrels to 10 million 630 thousand barrels per day. Although the data output rate is very small, but considering the end of the month (September 26th to 28) OPEC countries will freeze property of informal consultations, the cut or implied OPEC willing to start to make a substantial decision for the maintenance of stability in oil city. But I think this is as though some countries willing to poke lacking spirit of cooperation, and, but the crude oil market is too large and complex, it is difficult to truly effective regulation. The recent trend of gold was weak, published on Monday after the pigeon Fed officials don’t hike remarks, has stimulated the gold price rebounded slightly to 1330 points, an increase in September almost is unlikely, but the market is still weak weak why? The market rebounded from around 1320, only to stop at around 1330, and the trend is still on Tuesday.

柴俊理金:金价五连阴无解 库存大降难救油市   经历周一,周二的弱势震荡行情之后,周三黄金空头终于爆发,早间一波强势回落至金价最低1313支撑后小幅回升,短期空头可能还会延续。近期美指表现异常强势,受美联储理事布雷纳德的鸽派言论致美指短暂回落之后,昨天强势反弹,鸽派言论的影响给金价带来短暂的支撑,这种孤掌难鸣的言论行情视乎难以持续,很快就与周一的行情如出一辙。行情走势并不是我们所能左右的,我们能做的就是根据以往的走势以及技术面的形态判断和分析接下来的趋势,所以请不要再问,行情能不能到哪个位置,其实能不能到谁也不知道,操作出现亏损是正常的,总是一味的抱怨别人,何不静下心来检讨一下自己了?   顺势而昌,逆势则亡!在还未确定市场大方向之前,尽量选择观望,不可盲目操作。因为不确定的因素太多,任何事情都是有可能的,毕竟世事无常,不到尘埃落定,很难盖棺定论,而这种思维在我们投资中更需要时刻保持,你以为不可能发生的行情,常常也会发生,毕竟我们不是神,也不是算命先生,需要去接受那些你以为不可能却确实发生的行情,或只有这样,才不至于在错误的道路上,越走越远。从目前的情况来看,9月加息可能性已经不大,那是不是可以确定12月份加息了,目前美国大选在即,执政党如果想要获得更多的选票,必须要稳定市场,在美联储决策上面肯定谨慎再谨慎。   OPEC冻产成谜,此前俄罗斯于沙特发表联合申明,两国达成一系列的减产协议,OPEC原油产量数据的减小对油价慢慢提供支撑,而伊朗虽然上次对冻产采取强硬的态度,本次也觉得不会松口,所以笔者认为此次冻产会议的成功率正也不会太大,但也不能说没有。今年8月,OPEC成员国合计日均产油3300万桶,较7月减少20万桶。产量减少主要来自沙特自行估算的日均产量减少4.3万桶至1063万桶。尽管此次数据减产幅度很小,但考虑到月底(9月26日至28日)OPEC国家将就冻产进行非正式的磋商,此时的减产或暗示OPEC愿意开始为维稳油市作出实质性决策。不过笔者认为这就像是一盘散沙,虽然有些国家愿意戳和,可是原油市场太大太杂,难以真正做到有效调控。   近期黄金走势弱势明显,在周一美联储官员发表鸽派不加息的言论之后,曾刺激黄金价格小幅反弹至1330关口,9月加息几乎也是不大可能的,但是行情为什么还是弱势不振了?行情自1320附近反弹后,也仅仅是止步于1330附近,且周二的走势依然极弱,美市尾盘时段一度跌破1320关口,而1320的失守也说明了空头的强势,市场人气的缺乏。目前金价仍处于弱势探底走势,本周剩下的几个交易日消息及数据面已经不是太多,市场缺乏刺激,多头士气低下。日内操作上,下方首先关注昨天低点1315附近的支撑情况,如再次跌破的话,或将向下试探1310甚至更低;而上方如再次站上1320,则行情可能继续在1320-1330区间内震荡,然后寻找方向。日内黄金部分做单点位:   1、稳健者回踩1313-1311一线做多,激进者1315做多,止损4个点,目标上看1321-1323一线   2、上方反弹1323-1325一线做空,止损1328上方,目标下看1315-1313一线   3、下方挂好1303位置多单,止损1300下方,目标短线看1311-1313即可   原油价格已经在40-50美元之间震荡许久,整体走势呈现冲高回落,日线上看昨日油价因库欣原油库存下降,昨日利多原油暴涨至47.75美元,延续昨日行情油价超涨回调,早间行情低开低走一路震荡下跌,欧盘IEA月报公布数据,市场上供大于求话题再次受到关注,油价承压助攻下跌至截稿前45.16元附近,4小时上看行情连续收阴由上轨下穿中轨,行情徘徊在下轨与中轨之间,一指随机指标有三线合一后向下运行的趋势,说明后期行情将会继续下探的趋势,昨日的下跌相比之前只是小巫见大巫,不过笔者认为原油还没有到买入的时机。   原油部分做单策略:45.3-45.5分批进场空单,止损统一45.7,目标44.5-44.6即可   宁贵沥青部分做单策略:4360-4380一线进场空单,止损40个点,短线看4310-4300即可 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: