Cheap Flights To Israel Make It Easier Than Ever To Explore Some Hidden

Travel-and-Leisure Israel’s a land that is boundlessly alive with history, culture and beauty. Each and every month, thousands of tourists flock there for religious and simply recreational reasons. And it’s safe to say that absolutely no one leaves the country unsatisfied. It’s almost impossible not to fall in love with this land. The abundance of cheap flights to Israel makes it even easier to hop on board a plane and be in another land and time in the blink of an eye (Ok, maybe a little longer than that…). But Israel isn’t just about everything people see in the tour guide books or hear about from Israel travel agencies. There’s so much more to this country than just that. Learn about some of the lesser known jewels of this nation and then book your flight to Israel and see for yourself what everyone’s raving about. First on the recommendation list would be the Jerusalem Bird Observatory. While bird watching doesn’t immediately spring to mind when you think of Israel; this is an experience not to be missed. At its most basic level, the Observatory is a haven of wilderness tucked in between the Israeli Parliament and the Supreme Court. There are gardens to stroll and natural habitat to watch. This pristine real estate has been left untouched for the birds – and you. If wine is more of your activity of choice, Israel has over 145 wineries within its borders. Some are incredibly small (with only 600 bottles produced a year) while others are huge (with upwards of 13 million bottles produced a year). Either way, you’re sure to get a ripe and flavorful history lesson with a visit to any of these wineries. This unique adventure gives you a chance to literally drink up the history and the flavor of this amazing country, not to mention loosen up after a flight. Lastly, don’t leave Israel without a visit to the Judean Hills. This incredibly beautiful countryside is a mere bus ride away from the center of Jerusalem and is well worth the trip. No flight to Israel would be considered complete without a visit here. Music, caves, theology, sculpture and archeological replicas provide visitors with hours of enjoyment in the most natural of settings. You will not be disappointed. Israel is not a one dimentional place to visit. Book your cheap flight to Israel today and be sure to check out all these attractions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: