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"Cherry" teaser poster double set file 9.23 landed in the mainland entertainment Sohu "Chibi Maruko from Italy youth" fixed gear posters for the foreign friends and friends go with Italy Maruko entertainment news on juvenile Sohu in the second half of 2016, the warm heart of the animated film "Chibi Maruko from Italy youth" finally set the file. Film will be landing in September 23rd China mainland theaters. This news was exposed, has aroused strong repercussions on the network, the netizen said: "from kindergarten until the University, you finally come!" This is everywhere the shadow of childhood, grow together with 80, 90 animation, after a lapse of 23 years from the theatre version, and Chinese landing the big screen for the first time, provoked the fans exclaimed "live long". At the same time, the film exposure of a poster and a trailer, ball and three years class four buddies and 6 children from different countries will impact what kind of spark, exciting. Burst out! The ball and Italy Boy Crazy tease girls heart film "Chibi Maruko from Italy youth" tells the story of 6 different countries from around the world the children come to the hometown of water, respectively, and her classmates home boarding in the ball, in a team to Osaka, Tokyo travel, go help from Italy youth Andre looking for Grandpa’s friends, a series of interesting and touching story. The exposure of the trailer, Andre urged the ball home and boarding, bold confession ball. Therefore, there are fans anthomaniac said: "Adorable dead, quickly save my heart of girl." Also the netizen said: "the plot is too diffuse to the girl, my dog abuse." Waiting! "Big face adorable" sweet end board "Chibi Maruko" China screen mainly happened between his family and some of the students go to the original author’s life, cherry teacher’s own childhood was modeled into the author’s perception of childhood, plain and true, kind and full of positive energy. The ball with common children are some advantages and disadvantages, greedy, spoiled, do not love the class, but also simple, kind, full of vitality. Everyone in the ordinary girl body, more or less can see the shadow of childhood. "Small ball" with China audience 20 years later, the movie "Chibi Maruko from Italy youth" will for the first time in September 23rd Chinese landing screen, so fans can not help but sigh: "the love of life, to the old will love meatballs Jun, until you finally." The influence of several generations "balls", also let many fans to marry and settle down excitedly said: "we must take the baby to see." The movie "Chibi Maruko from Italy youth" as a screenwriter by "Chibi Maruko" original author cherry, animation director Takagi Jun as director, September 23rd balls back, our big screen.相关的主题文章: