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China buyers SouFun transnational prosecution case tracking: the lawsuit alleged SouFun where case reports (two) in September 8th to the Beijing Morning Post "Chinese buyers SouFun claims tens of millions of dollars of transnational prosecution" title, reported China buyers Su Yun (pseudonym) et al because housing from the real world website released the United States real estate advertising is real, buy the United States real estate into a series of troubles. Su Yun, SouFun Holdings Company and the related company to the United States Court of the federal court for the Northern District of Ohio, claims tens of millions of dollars; while the United States has proposed the court because the plaintiff and the defendant in China, suggested this relationship in the Chinese play. This transnational case was disclosed, causing widespread concern in the community. Many readers have to call the Beijing morning news, asked the latest developments in the case of such a lawsuit in the end where the right to play very concerned about! – question: Transnational lawsuit shall return home buyers in 2013, Chinese Su Yun saw IIP company to sell U.S. real estate ads in the real world from the housing site. Because the real world website SouFun American real estate advertisements are true, BT with years of savings, decided to invest in the United States to buy a house. In 2014, BT signed the purchase contract with IIP company and related companies, bought 60 sets of Ohio real estate, $about 2000000. Buy a house, the 60 house BT to IIP company and company management, but he fails to receive the full rent payment of IIP company and its associated companies. Later, a neighbor sent a message to the United States, he bought the house needs maintenance. He was rushed to the United States House, found himself deceived. Have the same experience and a lot of buyers Chinese and BT, together they will come to the United States, SouFun holdings, the local court, ask for compensation. As the plaintiff Chinese buyers U.S. attorney Jiang Lei said, the United States Court of first instance that, in view of the plaintiff and the defendant Chinese buyers SouFun Holdings Company in China, suggest that the case by the court Chinese. Chinese buyers appeal on the case, the case is pending further in the United states. In the statement: the United States win awarded high amount of this transnational cases in the trial, so to apply the laws of the United states. There are many differences between American law and Chinese law. The China buyers American lawyer Jiang Lei told the Beijing morning news reporter, "in this transnational case, China buyers sued SouFun Holdings Company in the United States, according to the U.S. state of Ohio, the United States commercial fraud management method of Ohio consumer sales law." Jiang Lei lawyer to the Beijing morning news reporter presented the plaintiff sued the Chinese buyers. According to the indictment, the United States, Ohio law prohibits commercial fraud. The room reservation service has the characteristics of authenticity, reliability, accuracy and timeliness. SouFun also promised buyers will enjoy the benefits of risk free and actual discount. But the room is committed to false promises, the behavior of the United States in violation of the law of commercial fraud in Ohio." The indictment also mentioned that "the United States, Ohio, the law requires that the real estate intermediary must be made to the client’s real estate transactions to complete, fair, on相关的主题文章: