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Chongqing medical assistance policy adjustment will benefit 2 million people subsistence allowances and other needy people, the future will no longer be so difficult to see a doctor! Upstream News – Chongqing morning news reporter learned from the Chongqing Municipal Civil Administration Bureau in November 3rd, in order to effectively alleviate the burden of difficult medical treatment of the masses, Chongqing recently issued policy documents to improve the level of medical assistance, the move will benefit more than 200 million people with difficulties. Adjustment 1: improve the funding standards, from 2017 onwards, the focus of the rescue object to participate in a file of urban and rural residents cooperative medical insurance individual expenses to give full funding, and other objects according to the year of the insured standard of 70% to grant funding. To participate in the two urban and rural residents cooperative medical insurance or medical insurance for urban workers voluntarily, according to a unified subsidy standard full year. The adjustment of 2: ordinary disease outpatient medical relief cap line city three noes, rural five objects, subsistence allowances for hospital maintenance treatment of severe disability illness, 80 years of urban and rural residents, the common disease outpatient assistance from the standard limit per person per year is not less than 300 yuan to 400 yuan. On the outside limit of outpatient assistance object subsistence allowances and rural orphans, key entitled groups in rural, the year outpatient relief cap line from each year not less than 200 yuan to 300 yuan. Adjusting the 3: to improve the standard of assistance in the primary medical institutions, the proportion of general diseases in the first aid and the two level medical institutions in the key rescue objects increased to no less than 80%. For other relief objects, the proportion of common diseases in grade one and grade two medical institutions increased to no less than 70%. Adjust the 4: to increase efforts to expand the relief of major diseases of major diseases of special diseases, will thalassemia, leukemia, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and other serious diseases included in the scope of relief. Improve the relief of major diseases will increase the proportion of low income and poverty relief object families of seriously ill patients in relief of major diseases to the proportion of not less than 60%.

重庆医疗救助政策大调整 将惠及200万重庆人   城乡低保对象等困难群众,今后看病将不再那么难!上游新闻-重庆晨报记者11月3日从重庆市民政局了解到, 为切实减轻困难群众医疗负担,近日重庆出台政策文件,提高医疗救助水平,此举将惠及困难群众200余万人。   调整1:提高资助参保标准   从2017年起,对重点救助对象参加一档城乡居民合作医疗保险的个人参保费用全额给予资助,其他对象按当年参保标准的70%给予资助。   对自愿参加二档城乡居民合作医疗保险或城镇职工医疗保险的,统一按当年一档全额标准给予资助。   调整2: 上提普通疾病门诊医疗救助封顶线   城市“三无”人员、农村五保对象、城乡低保对象中需院外维持治疗的重残重病人员、80岁以上的城乡低保对象,其普通疾病限额门诊救助标准从每人每年不低于300元调整为400元。   对限额门诊救助对象以外的城乡低保对象和城乡孤儿、在乡重点优抚对象,其门诊救助年封顶线从每人每年不低于200元调整为300元。   调整3:提高在基层医疗机构的救助标准   对重点救助对象在一级、二级医疗机构的普通疾病救助比例提高到不低于80%。   对其他救助对象在一级、二级医疗机构的普通疾病救助比例提高到不低于70%。   调整4:加大重特大疾病救助力度   扩大重特大疾病特殊病种范围,将地中海贫血、白血病、精神分裂症、躁狂症、焦虑症等纳入重特大疾病救助范围。   提高重特大疾病救助比例,将低收入救助对象和因病致贫家庭重病患者的重特大疾病救助比例提高到不低于60%。相关的主题文章: