Christie’s Beijing new curtain exhibited at the same classic works of Picasso

Christie’s Beijing new curtain exhibited at the same classic works of Picasso in the 250 anniversary of the establishment of the world, Christie’s announced will be unveiled in October 15th Beijing new site and held the opening ceremony. At the same time, will be held in "Picasso Mousika and the myth of" special exhibition, the first presenting Picasso in different periods of representative works to collectors and art lovers in Beijing. At the same time Marx? Ernst, Fernando, Chang Yu, portroe? Zhu Dequn, Zeng and other Western pioneer masters outstanding works will be on show. Christie’s Beijing Campbell Street site (source Christie) Christie’s international CEO Bai Bishan (Patricia Barbizet) said: "the Christie’s in culture, historical heritage thick Beijing search site, as we continue to promote artistic exchanges between the East and the West has provided a new opportunity. Christie’s will continue to invest and expand Chinese market, the Beijing new site opening marks 250 years with Christie’s another important historical moment of collectors and art lovers interaction. In the future, we are looking forward to making more contributions to the construction of China’s multi artistic environment." As the art market leader, Christie’s has been established in the art of inheritance and promotion and sharing of responsibility. Rooted in Asia for thirty years, and constantly deepen the close contact with Chinese art ecology. Following the 2014 establishment of Christie’s art space in Shanghai amp Matheson, Christie’s Beijing new site located in Dongcheng District the Campbell Street No. 82, a total area of three more than 800 square meters, building a collection of the latest art exhibition facilities, both office and gallery function. The continuation of Christie’s in London, Paris, New York and Hongkong founded the art space concept, Christie’s Beijing new site China for the majority of collectors and art lovers to provide more interactive and multifunctional platform for places organized exhibitions, art forum, education, and other cultural activities. In order to celebrate the celebration, Christie’s Beijing will be held on October 15-17 opening special exhibition, with classic six images of Picasso in different periods for the full backtracking key theme in his artistic career and the extraordinary inspiration of Mousika. The exhibition will also explore the relationship and interaction between Picasso and Chinese modern art masters. Although Picasso’s work is not directly China art marks, but he always of Oriental culture and traditional painting have made a special study of curiosity, the style of Qi Baishi and Zhang Daqian also have contacts, and Lin Fengmian’s "opera figures" series by Picasso cubist influence. Highlights of the exhibition include works of Picasso in 1938 for "woman" and a bust of 1943 the "woman head", the two portrait showed his lover Mousika and Dora Martha?. The six works will be on November 16th on Christie’s New York evening auction of Impressionist and modern. At the same time, Beijing will also display a number of new special masters and Christie’s Shanghai autumn auction in Hongkong, including the surrealist artist Marx? Ernst, Columbia modern artist Fernando, in early twentieth Century in France? Portroe artists Chang Yu, Zhu Dequn, and Chinese famous contemporary artist Ceng Fanzhi and West)相关的主题文章: