Chrysanthemum coins will gradually withdraw from circulation this year, the bank is not only pay guitarpro5

Chrysanthemum a dime will gradually withdraw from circulation today not only charge the bank pay 1 coins with chrysanthemum "unique design cylindrical concave shape with nine sides", is made of aluminum magnesium alloy, positive for the people who are familiar with the design of chrysanthemum chrysanthemum pattern will gradually fade out 1 coins in circulation market. According to the central bank announcement, November 1st, the fourth set of RMB 1 coins (i.e. 1 chrysanthemum angle) will only charge does not pay, the new collection and inventory fourth set of RMB 1 coins are damaged RMB deposit as separate people banks. The market circulation is the fifth set of RMB 1 orchid dime, the hands of the public if there is chrysanthemum 1 dime, still normal, from paying to completely withdraw from circulation for a long time. On the market of 1 chrysanthemum dime quantity has been gradually reduced, which is becoming a popular collection. Nanjing Modern Express reporter Wang Jing ZAKER only does not pay, chrysanthemum 1 angle will be less China stock of the people’s Bank recently issued a notice, decided since November 1, 2016, banks received the fourth set of RMB 1 coins only do not pay, the new collection and inventory of fourth sets of RMB 1 coins are as damaged RMB alone with the people banks. People’s Bank of China branch in Nanjing, a member of the currency of gold and silver, told reporters: since last week has been issued to the head of the commercial bank notice." The reporter asked about the number of employees of commercial banks, the other have said network has rarely received chrysanthemum 1 dimes, the general public come exchange chrysanthemum 1 corners is canbi. Data shows, chrysanthemum 1 coins cast in 2000 began to try to stop the issue from 1991, according to the different period there were 10 pieces. But in 2000 the chrysanthemum 1 coins did not actually be put into market circulation, just as binding volume. Therefore, the market for the circulation of the 1 corners of the chrysanthemum to 1991-1999 years. In 2000 1 chrysanthemum angle coins became the fourth set of RMB 1 cents coin "closed coin", is also the last one with the word "People’s Republic of China" 1 coins, 1 coins the orchid is the subject of "the people’s Bank of China". Chrysanthemum 1 – corner coins of a diameter of 22.5 mm, the front pattern for the chrysanthemum pattern, the face value of 1, and note Pinyin YIJIAO". The pattern for the national emblem, Arial Chinese characters "People’s Republic of China", Chinese pinyin "ZHONGHUA RENMINGONGHEGUO", Arabia digital era. The material of the coin is aluminum magnesium alloy, and the outer tooth is light. Sophisticated manufacturing processes, chrysanthemum 1 angle collection value increased in the manufacturing process, chrysanthemum 1 coins with an unprecedented "circular concave nine shape design, the issue of the coin, only the use of this design angle of 1 chrysanthemum. In addition, the birth of modern currency, both coins or paper, coins the size of the weight is proportional to the amount of 1 chrysanthemum but whether it is from the diameter angle have a unique style, or the thickness, are greater than those of the same set of RMB the plum 5 dime. It is because of the 1 corners of the special material and shape, in the coin collection market is very popular"相关的主题文章: