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Comment: "100 high school" list, only the rumor is education original title: not enough "hundred high school" list, only the rumor is not enough recently, the Ministry of Education issued the 2016 national top 100 high school list "message in the online heat transfer. The Ministry of Education said rumor, the Ministry of education and the relevant departments did not carry out the national 100 high school, high school rankings and ranking selection and other similar activities, also did not release such information. The Ministry of education believes that these schools are ranked, does not meet the requirements of the implementation of quality education, is not conducive to the diversification of ordinary high school, distinctive development. Such a hundred high school rankings, a few years ago. Previously, the release of the hundred high school institutions, but also directly say that they are civil institutions, therefore, such a list, did not cause too much attention. And now, hundred high school into the Ministry of Education issued, the nature is different, which represents the official identification and evaluation, if it is the Ministry of Education issued, this is a very serious problem. On the one hand, this belongs to the high school’s administrative evaluation, and education management evaluation of the separation of the requirements of departure from the reform; on the other hand, the province’s enrollment rate, high school as a high school high school, passing a bad guide. This is the reason why the Ministry of education timely rumor. The need for further questioning is that civil institutions do hundred high school rankings, how to become the official release of the Ministry of education? The Ministry of education hope high school has commercial nature, consciously resist such no scientific evaluation criteria of selection and ranking activities, painstaking education, educating people carefully in denial, and promote quality education". This is something that non-governmental organizations around the enrollment rate, especially the North rate (Qinghua University admission ratio) on the high school, as the goal of "customer", told the high school will be ranked as authoritative, enhance the list of non-governmental organizations and the Ministry of education will put the ranking hook, said to get Education Department approval, and after the list came out, will be released by the Ministry of education, the name of publicity list of such commitments, or implied in the list after high school, will use the new media platform, fuzzy released specific agencies, let the public think this is the Ministry of Education issued, it certainly makes some schools in the heart, because although around the prestigious, but also many of these colleges and universities into examination oriented education disputes, schools also need the Ministry of education official school "". And some high school, will also take the initiative to the list of non-governmental organizations, said the Ministry of education is organized as a national ranking, as a result of school running. The Ministry of education and the high school to remind to resist the rankings, as do three things: one is declared the Ministry of education will not be any high school and university rankings, which belongs to the category of social evaluation, general education issued by the so-called 100 high school, the best university ranking like, are false; two is investigated by the judicial police, agency, who is in the name of fraudulent use of the Ministry of education, ranking and ranking agencies is released, one hand operation, or ranking in the forwarding mechanism and some high school rankings, the institution changed to the Ministry of education, this is the infringement of the Ministry of education, is also a fraud to the public; the three is from the perspective of Promoting School of social evaluation and professional evaluation, training, planning)相关的主题文章: