Dad in the circle of friends do not love the sun-dataload

Dad in the circle of friends, why not love the sun baby in the past year, nearly 82% of the mother in the baby on social networking sites, but my father had the ratio of only 35%, my grandmother and grandmother respectively accounted for 31% and 33%, a great catch dad trend; even the sun baby, Dad in the frequency my mother is very low, the average per 5 posts, only a father, grandmother and grandmother on the sun baby number is two to three times…… The newly released a large parent-child institutions "2016 China family report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Sun baby baby sun report"), and the circle of friends of the sun baby crazy "mother grandmother who compared, dad is very low-key. Why the circle of friends in the voice of the father so little? "Usually work so busy, which have time to toss these?" Busy, probably is the most easy to give the reasons. Although women are more and more powerful, but the traditional concept of male owners is still deep-rooted. Sun baby report data is an evidence. Reported that the behavior of the sun baby showed a regular fluctuation. From 24 hours of sun baby behavior, when the day is concentrated in the 12~16, the evening focused on 20~22, the basic focus on the time of the two children in the nap and sleep at night time. Children rest, adults can make room for the sun." Who usually take care of the children? Mom and grandma and grandma. Privacy is another reason to call out. According to the survey, the sun shines when the party is most concerned about the privacy of the sun, 65% of people will consider security issues when choosing the baby channel. With the increasing of unsafe factors, pay attention to the child’s privacy, not easily the sun baby is getting louder, many dad also confidently stand in less team, "it is not good for the baby baby sun." Of course, not only because of these two reasons. "A big man in a circle of friends in the sun why?" Mr. Su replied. 45 year old Mr. Su is the head of a company, weekdays busy, circle of friends issued less, not to mention the sun baby. Not only is Mr. Su, the male colleague and the male friend around him also have the sun baby. So what’s in their circle of friends? "The most is the political and economic news, followed by social hot news, some jokes, chicken soup and health knowledge." In the opinion of Mr. Su, the above are suitable for male friends circle content. More than the appearance of the sun baby mother, this is the father of very little hair post another big reason. 33 year old IT engineer Xiao stone also agree with the views of mr.. Although the small stone also belongs to the "emotional type Daddy", her daughter was 3 months old, but her daughter was born in times before her daughter safe, too basking in the full moon photo, he did not send other messages in the circle of friends. Unlike his wife Lin Lin, the number of days more, but also posted on the nine charts. "Little map is don’t want to give people the feeling too womanishly fussy." A small stone post that circle of friends can see a person’s personality, he usually posted most of the news, sports and fitness classes at night and delicacy, want to create a positive image, "circle of friends have the leadership and colleagues, if the old baby sun, will make people feel.)相关的主题文章: