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"Daddy where the 4" premiere tonight   internship; dad yen value high refresh – Anhui Channel – original title: "daddy go 4" premiere tonight internship dad Yan value high refresh original title: visual red! Much of my internship dad and daughter Arale! – Dong and fencing athletes his amateur daughter "Arale" (right). Cai Guoqing and his son – "Daddy where the 4" premiere tonight from sowing to webcasting, "Daddy where the 4" still attracted the audience’s attention, 8 in the evening in mango TV broadcast. The day before reporters to see in Changsha, although it is the same formula but different materials, in the fourth quarter of "father" has a lot of new ideas, especially with practice father and amateur baby fresh collocation brighten. See from the reporter reaction, 90 Dong and his amateur fencers force daughter "Arale" is expected to take the lead out of rage. The star and his son are the old driver this season "and" daddy go before the biggest difference is that Cai Guoqing, Tian Liang, Sha Yisan of the star and his son, also Huang Zhilie, Zhang Lunshuo, Dong practice of father and son three (female). Three pairs of stars and sons have been the old driver, Tian Liang was once participated in the first quarter of the father where to go, the rules of the game and travel alone with the children are already very experienced. In the beginning of the trip, Tian Liang reminded the village to collect toys, Cai Guoqing also asked his son would like to eat a meal, do not want to see a father is prepared. Sha Yi and his son Anji is three of the star and his son in a variety of relatively strong sense of Anji, a Northeastern Mandarin inexplicable stay his greatest pleasure and adorable, and dad are Taiwan, people laughing. Practice value and "father Yan high refresh old driver" star dad, Dad some confused practice. Zhang Lunshuo and the koala is the quasi father and daughter, two people have a certain understanding, fairly good, 90 fencers themselves or force Dong a big boy, when dad was totally confused, even the "daughter" is the last choice left to his people. Yellow column caused by a Korean, her sister can sing love songs than heart, take care of a child Chinese, language is his biggest problem, in addition to the "cute, cute, not what else. Although no experience, but the three practice dad’s face is unprecedented high value. Especially the height of 1.91M Dong force, is a good color value, figure, is nowadays the most popular "long legs and small meat type. While the organization assigned to his daughter "Arale" is the six child in Saimoe now seems most of the play is the first season Wang Shi style. 4 "6" Dad asked the general producer Zhou Shan first asked: "broadcast" to "webcasting", from the content and form of "4" to the father what new changes? Zhou Shan: first we retain the most true things, "where Dad" is a very successful program, we do not go to the subversion, the most essential part and the elements will be retained. Program content, the election of the house, do the task will not change. But the program is different in form, such as相关的主题文章: