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Dalian diners with praise for coupons were told to send light hundreds of sets like diners crowded hotel lobby. The restaurant door has closed shop, business day. "Jiefang Road Dragon Street a Korean restaurant anniversary advertised: forwarding set 55 praise in the circle of friends, free to eat 88 yuan worth of Korean buffet, set 155 likes, eat free Japanese buffet. This morning, hundreds of customers gathered in front of the restaurant, but to inform the voucher to send light." Yesterday, the public Mr. Wang to the newspaper hotline 84323110 incoming call. Recently, the reporter saw a lot of people circle of friends forwarded this collection like a buffet of advertisements, posters saying "as long as you forward set praise, we will send you a free voucher". This advertisement is a Korean buffet five anniversary release, which stated that the full set of 55 like to receive 88 yuan Korean Buffet Coupon; 155 points will receive $188 worth of Japanese buffet coupon. The exchange date for September 25th as early as 9 to 9 pm. Yesterday is the cash voucher of the day, at 8:50 in the morning, Mr. Wang came to the restaurant, immediately was stunned in front of a scene. The restaurant is located on the first floor of a hotel, hundreds of sets of diners coming from the crowded lobby of the hotel, the scene has a special police to maintain order, in front of the diners and the restaurant staff dispute. "The rules say, exchange time is at the beginning of 9, 9:10 restaurant people say all free tickets are handed out, please don’t line up, the crowd immediately burst pot. Mr. Wang said, waiting for the restaurant diners accused of false propaganda, no promises, activities began only 10 minutes, coupon is not likely to light. The number of free coupons, advertising in writing 555 first person to shop. But reporters in the circle of friends forwarded posters, and did not see such words. Not only the emotional scene crowd, the restaurant’s QQ group also fried pot, thanks to the special police to maintain order. In repeated diners, the restaurant manager explained that the coupons really light, at six or seven in the morning began diners queuing, police for security reasons, sent special police arrived at the scene to maintain order, and require patrons line up led to the backyard, after a large number of customers rushed to the hotel lobby, lobby so diners queuing only to the top 120, the rest of the meal was actually backyard diners took up. Because the diners can not agree restaurant interpretation, field staff has been reluctant to leave the restaurant near noon, handwritten note exchange voucher, stamped to diners, diners began to disperse. Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to see the restaurant, the restaurant has been closed shop door, door on the notice: set like activity coupon payment has been completed, activity has ended. Due to queuing congestion caused by circuit equipment damage, unable to operate normally, a day off! In addition, billboards outside hanging indeed wrote a total of 555 tickets, send out so far. For this result, Mr. Wang said, the QQ group of diners this is still not satisfied, worried about whether cash coupons on hand. Because the door closed shop, the reporter did not interview the person in charge of the restaurant yesterday, this newspaper will continue to focus on the development of things. The red figure for reporters相关的主题文章: