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Software Businesses are developing innovative ways to increase productivity by providing interactive platforms to employees dispersed globally. More and more employees are encouraged to use wide range of applications to interact, .municate and collaborate in a cyber environment to optimise use of limited resources. Even while on the move employees are .pelled to use various .munication facilities like wireless broadband and wifi enabled public places such as railway stations and airports and other public hotspots to update information and keep abreast of developments in projects they are involved. Raj B Lonsane of CCITO, India says that this brings in a multitude of problems in data security as the information is disseminated in a wider spectrum. According to Raj B Lonsane network based collaboration may increase productivity and help in optimum utilisation of resources but the down side is that the very nature of network .munications renders data integrity highly risky. Raj B Lonsane is of the opinion that the dynamic nature of the internet provides open season to insiders to engage in criminal activity. Continuous developments in .munication and data access protocols facilitate intrusions and incursions into secure environments well in advance of development of protection barriers by organisations. Cyber criminals are developing highly sophisticated and .plex ways to attack private and sensitive data for malicious purposes. Raj B Lonsane says that to avoid or prevent attacks and minimise financial or reputation damage, one clear way for the organisations is to engage in selective protection of data. Organisations should segregate the information stored on their systems according to its criticality and control access and dissemination of such data to the fullest extent. According to Lonsane and Chandurkar, employees who have access to networks and .puters, engineers who design, develop or manage critical systems are the biggest risk factors. Insiders (Employees, Former Employees and External Contractors) in this category are the biggest threats because they certainly possess the knowledge and skills to access critical systems to engage in serious illegal activities causing massive damage. These include system managers, systems administrators, system designers, developers, programmers, data entry operators and networking engineers. Raj B Lonsane believes that a focussed drive on the actual causes of data leakage or breach in defensive systems can provide a much needed respite to data security personnel in organisations that store or deal in personal information and help to reduce security incidences. Raj B Lonsane and Divyendu Chandurkar state that CCITO, India can lead the path towards effective and realistic information security governance for preventing cyber crimes by insiders. With help of Information Technology professionals specialising in information security Raj.B.Lonsane has invited to join CCITO, India"s venture and by collaborating with the major players such as public and private sectors, state authorities and law enforcement agencies, Lonsane expects to achieve his goal. The Mission of the CCITO, India is to spread Awareness about Insider Threat, Cyber Crime, Impart Training to the Police Departments and The Law Enforcement Agencies and also offer services to the Corporates for prevention of cyber crimes from Insiders. Raj B Lonsane is a founder member and promoter of CCITO, India formed in collaboration with professionals from the IT and Cyber Crime domain with the specific intention of imparting awareness on cyber crimes and cyber laws, Obviation of cyber crimes by insiders, assistance to fight cybercrimes with the help of respective cyber cells, law enforcement agencies and other concerned players. The other directors of the .pany are Divyendu Chandurkar, Ex Director, TechDefence, Nashik, Sneha Hire, Ex Director, TechDefence, Nashik. On board also are International Cyber Crime investigators, Cyber Law Advocates including international law firms, Labour law Advocates, Clinical psychologists and Corporate trainers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: