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Health A proverb says that the road to success is always under construction. Drug rehab is such a road which needs to be constructed and explored throughout life. The availability of drugs and the social systems of our times make sure that many people are forced into the realms of drug abuse in order to escape from realities of life. Most addicts are either dragged into this morass either by friends who have the habit or people with an inferiority .plex. Drug rehab mounts a pincer attack on the addiction problem. One the one hand it tries to revitalise the body through holistic treatment steps and on the other hand attacks the reasons for addiction. Drug rehab program is actually like a class room where different basic attitudes and behaviours are taught to the addict. The program may span from three to six months depending on the level of addiction. The first step is the physical rehab stage where the body is helped to gain minerals and vitamins lost to overuse of drugs. The inmate undergoes physical exercises, yoga, swimming and related activities in order to help them gain appetite and vigor. But this stage is very difficult, both for the addict as well as the staff of the asylum. Cutting off of daily dosage of drugs may even result in .plete physical breakdown, but an experienced withdrawal specialist can manage such times very efficiently. The body learns to subsist without drugs and returns to its normal metabolism rates. The next stage is the teaching stage where the mind picks up its lost ropes and spins them together. Lack of .munication skills, it has been found, is the reason for most addictions. The .munication course which follows detox helps the addict to talk confidently with other people. The process contains practical actions and certain drills which help different addicts mingle with each other and .municate effectively. They are helped to meet unpleasant subjects and situations head on and be honest to themselves. The .munication course is a specially designed set of eight exercises which aid the addict to gain courage and stay focussed on goals. The learning improvement course helps to increase learning ability, memory and the ability to understand realistic concepts in real life. This is a very important step in rehabilitation and successful life after graduation from addiction. The .munications and perceptions course helps the addict understand realities of life and teaches him not to baulk under pressure. It is .mon knowledge that drugs are usually ingested to freeze unpleasant feelings. The perception course help the addict understand the futility in running away or hiding from life. The addict unlearns many past unpleasant happenings and learns the basic steps for a new happy and prosperous life. The addict should be kept under constant counselling even after he or she graduates, in order to keep them out of all future addiction. The role of the family of the addict is also very important here. Drug rehab programs incorporate family counselling as a means to achieve permanent success. Even though hard and cumbersome, drug rehab is not something that you can wish away. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: