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Reference-and-Education If you did not graduate from high school, you should consider taking the General Educational Development (GED) tests. Many think that GED stands for General Equivalency Diploma. This series of five subject based tests is intended to determine if you have a level of knowledge similar to that obtained by the average high school graduate. Passing the GED tests entitles the candidate, who may be Canadian or American, to receive a GED credential. This credential is sometimes labeled a diploma. You can only take the tests at one of the thousands of official GED Testing Sites. The tests are not given online or by mail. The GED program as a whole is administered by the American Council on Education (ACE). Every state and province sets its own policy on prerequisites for the testing and the passing scores. Local testing centers manage the actual test taking. The overall policy information can be found on the ACE web site. You can probably find a GED Testing Center by using the locator on the ACE web site. Local adult ed facilities, or the Department of Education for your state or province may be able to help you. Testing sites by the thousands are scattered around Canada and the United States. If you are located outside of the United States and Canada, you may still be able to take the GED tests. The testing .pany Prometric, authorized by the Main Department of Education, can give you the GED tests at one of their thousands of testing centers in most countries. If you pass, you will receive a Main High School Equivalency Diploma. Students with documented disabilities may be eligible for ac.modations in the testing process. The disability must have been documented by a qualified professional. A wide range of ac.modations are possible, from braille or large print versions of the test to extended testing time. This should be worked out through the testing center to be used. Support for those preparing to take the GED tests is available in many areas. The ACE web site has information by state on official preparation resources. There are also many other preparation resources available. Some of them are free, but many do charge fees. You must take all 5 of the GED tests. The passing scores are set by the states. Each test has possible scores from 200 to 800. A .ing passing criterion would be to score at least 410 on each test and have an average score of at least 450 over all of the tests. The GED is intended to be approximately equivalent to graduation from high school. Some tests have indicated that it may actually be more difficult to pass the GED than to graduate from high school. In most situations passing the GED will be accepted as an alternative to high school graduation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: