Donkey water test shoot fragment Suxi Liao Han Ren impromptu yuanmu

"Donkey" water test shot "Liao Han Ren fragment Suxi impromptu" movie "donkey" water test shoot fragment Suxi Liao Han Ren Pei Zhou Tienan Kuishan impromptu each bosom Sina entertainment news by Zhou Shen Liu Lu, director of comedy film "donkey" national film is water. After the movie reputation both at the box office rosy, and triggered a strong effect of the topic, profound conception connotation, vivid characters, fantastic performances, are discussed for a huge space, and these extraordinary result cannot thoroughly tempered after the opening. Today issued a special film studio, will try exposure when you shoot interesting fragments, fans from a glimpse of the story behind the scenes more. It can also see a variety of improvisation, and star rolled high cliff regardless of the danger of the paragraph, creative dedication admirable. "The magic water" was highly recognized set shot a fine film "donkey thoroughly tempered water" after the release, with solid superhuman qualities by many critics, the media culture is highly recognized and praised: "this year is probably the best comedy" forceful "". The movie reputation both at the box office rosy, each website score way up high, meaning more profound conception caused strong effect of the topic, is fulfilled in the roadshow director Liu Lu said: "we believe that the audience is clever, know what is good stuff." Such extraordinary achievements, cannot do without behind thoroughly tempered. After the cast had revealed that in the movie filming, the whole group is first in the shooting of a month of rehearsal, and conducted a month shot. Director Liu Lucheng: "shot with a small cut machine, sub script refinement and adjustment, and let the actors into the scene to experience life." Due to the long rhythm and other reasons, and finally a lot of interesting fragments did not appear in the film, today, the film side will try to shoot the interesting fragments released, fans can glimpse more behind the scenes story. Ren Suxi improvisation sultry coppersmith daughter-in-law Wang Kun high Ya Cardiff rolled down from the test shoot fragment can be seen, in order to ensure the quality and creative film rhythm, the script and performance, batted modification. For example, in the test shot, after the arrival of the first correspondent to the inventory of personnel, Lu Deshui teacher had doubts, but positive, in order to ensure the suspense, this plot will do the adjustment. Try to shoot the other fragment is revealed more interesting: for example, a man brought back inside the coppersmith room to get wages, Ren Suxi had improvised "Liao Han", let go to "rest"; "the coppersmith lost from school, on the road to find daughter-in-law", that has happened in the valley, rolling down the cliff fling caution to the winds coppersmith, daughter-in-law actor Wang Kun has acrophobia, but still insist on their own to complete this action; Allison and the iron man of emotional scenes was also exposed, two people quarrel reconciled, loving couple child cry a single dog. The movie "donkey water" are aggressively, by Zhou Shen Liu Lu, director, Ren Suxi, artists Liu Shuailiang, Pei Kuishan, a strong, like that, Han Yanbo, Bu Guanjin, Wang Kun co starred in, Ian storey culture, culture, happy twist, cat’s eye shadow line produced the world. (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章: