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"Double identity" conflict into aspect   or create a new era of espionage — entertainment channel, August 25th, China International TV show and China television programs of the international exhibition grand opening in Beijing exhibition hall, many excellent works in the TV show red TV Festival, including the TV series "big army" "I am" Red Army "double" in the "red flag" "Long March" West conference division "commissar" "Begonia still" etc.. The "double" deserves attention. It is reported that the TV drama "double" as a companion 2011 high rated TV show "alone" by the thorn, "acupuncture" producer Yang Li to build again, and by the "Ode to joy" earned a lot of popularity of Zu Feng and Wang Ziwen Co star. TV drama about southwest of liberation under the background of entanglement and struggle for a couple to face and have a different belief, currently on the ground channel hit. The Spy Drama "new era" of double human nature and feelings it is worth mentioning that, in "the pretender" "decryption" or even "army" and other works follow the mass industry trend is more and more an idol of the occasion, "double" instead of returning to the original sound, don’t go route, with the extremely ordinary and simple life for the audience to outline the spy background and heroic fine and very poignant stories, leading into a strong Spy Drama "fireworks" full of temperament 4 times. The hero and heroine of the play Peng gang and Wu Peixin, they are seven years of the couple, but never know their own contrary to the beliefs and secrets. In the southwest of the liberation of the occasion, everything will emerge, all the secret will poubai in the world, the body in the whirlpool, they are destined to be staged a thrilling, even if you die I die "struggle with their own unique perspective on" double, people of concern, will the portrayal true to life, even love capable of evoking praises and tears, they killed, but also from the experience of love, affection, friendship is great, and stick to the feelings of. Sincerely to create good quality drama "double identity conflict into" aspect "double" seen the audience commented: "with the first" acupuncture "," double quality "did not let us down" the first series as Jinyingma film company produced the "spy Trilogy", "independence" in 2011. When the broadcast received good ratings and reputation. TV drama "double" as "acupuncture" people still use to create truly good quality drama, love spy with high concentration of intense emotional experience, identity conflict is becoming more of a major part of the play. Zu Feng plays Peng Gang in the enemy secretly hidden for years, as agents, life is a good husband. Wang Ziwen is the daughter of the commander, the wife of Peng Gang in life, to serve as the acting captain in the ranks of the kuomintang. "Double" as the War spy drama rich fresh breath of emotion, affection, friendship and love to make this seemingly simple couple, after a hurdle of marriage and faith, which appeared in a couple offbeat bureau a breaking live mode, conflict and collision, belief and torture, emotion from reality, people will have a reflection. As the soul of a Jinyingma movie and television drama "stubborn thorns" to go in the end as China electric Spy Drama)相关的主题文章: