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Easy to live easy to live in the capital Park real estate inventory recommend people living in Beijing, talking about the haze is full of frustration and bitterness. Especially to the annual autumn winter season, PM2.5 always burst table, there is a saying that best reflect the image, the furthest distance in the world is not life and death, but I am in the streets of Beijing to hold your hand, but I can’t see your face…… Now the air quality in Beijing, and the people of the living space more rational, the ecological and environmental requirements are more demanding; so the park estate became the Beijing property market darling, from Chaoyang Park to the Olympic Forest Park, many projects which get together today, for the development of the park is very rare. However, the home next to the park, is the dream of a number of families, Xiao Bian finishing the capital of the five parks real estate, I hope to help your home! 1, flower Bo theme park features: Flower Expo theme park, is the largest city park in Northeast Beijing. It hosted the national flower festivals, including the provinces exhibition covers an area of 53 thousand square meters (miniature landscape contains 38 provinces), landscape features include the Pingyao County in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Mongolia, Hainan and other packages the remotest corners of the globe 38 provinces, in the flower expo park to stop reading. Recommendation: the wisdom of the city surrounding real estate abroad (real estate information) project: the wisdom of the city country located in the most beautiful Wenyuhe Crescent City, here has the ecological environment of Beijing’s top three, there are two rivers and a lake on the north side of the park surrounding the project is the flower Expo site, 404 acres of flower expo theme park. Adjacent to the natural oxygen bar, near the green lung of the city, enjoy the beauty of nature. Project address: Beijing houshayu dead trees around the island 100 meters west country on the west side of 1 Tel: 010-804768882. Chaoyang Park (pictured Chaoyang Park) features: Chaoyang Park covers an area of 288 hectares, is the largest city within the Beijing city of Victoria park. The surface area of 68 hectares, green area of 220 hectares, the negative oxygen ion content in the air is higher than other regions of the province of 200%. The surrounding real estate recommendation: overview of the Palm Springs Residence Internazionale project: Palm Springs Residence Internazionale is located between the East Third Ring Road and the East Fourth Ring Road, East sanhuan distance of 1.5 kilometers, covers an area of 70 thousand square meters, total construction area of nearly three hundred thousand square meters. Facade project light brown, tough line straight into the sky, the roof of the European Gothic style, and Chaoyang Park natural environment fusion. 3 Sun Palace Park (pictured Taiyanggong Park) features: the sports and leisure features, and a variety of activities to set up bicycle health road space, divided into four scenic areas, attractions, is near the rare leisure park free of charge. Recommendation: overview of the surrounding real estate project: the project belongs to the sun park Taiyanggong plate, from the Capital International Airport 19.2 kilometers, the core area of northeastern Beijing, has mature municipal facilities, traffic is very convenient. 4, Dongba country park features: scale of city and district government investment construction project in Beijing Park Ring largest public park. Park Li Zishu, apricot, jujube 1000 acres, and picking is all free, is a good place for picnic. Surrounding real estate recommend: Chaoyang metro project 2相关的主题文章: