Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program What You Need To Know-borderland

Sports-and-Recreation The Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program is an academic program which started in 1988. This program was built in order to teach children the 4 important steps on what to do when they see a gun such as pistols for sale and shotguns for sale. Obviously this program focuses on children from the pre-K up to Grade III level, teaching them 4 simple ways of what to do when they encounter a gun at home or anywhere. Today, the program has taught more or less 21 million children in about 50 states in all. It was built because many of us see the importance of imparting this knowledge to our children as there are a lot of accidents happening due to improper handling of guns, and ammunition for sale, involving them. This program came about because of the efforts of qualified professionals in the academe, psychology, urban housing safety and law enforcement .bined. Teachers who want to teach in the program, even if they are not NRA members, can do it as there are materials available for making teaching easy to do and understand such as guides for the instructor, student workbooks, 7-minute animated video which is available on DVD or VHS, and brochures. Students are given stickers as rewards given in class and the program materials are also available in Spanish. The program is incorporated in the existing school curriculum, and they teach this program following a 1 day or 5 days schedule format. This program is in fact offered at a nominal fee, however schools, aw enforcement agencies, hospitals, daycare centers, and libraries may be eligible to receive grant funding to help defray costs for implementing such program. Of course, the funding is available to these group to cover the cost of all program presented in the curriculum materials in all states. The program’s objective is not to teach the children that guns such as pistols for sale and shotguns for sale are bad, however this program wants to focus on promoting their protection and safety. It actually does not give judgment on the use of firearms negatively since these are not even shown and used in the program itself. It just mentions that it is an ordinary thing which is .mon to most of us and this is exactly true since a lot of homeowners own guns as a means of keeping safe and protected particularly from intruders and burglars. And it does not encourage you to purchase guns, and ammunition for sale, nor persuade you to be.e NRA members, but this type of program greatly helps you as it discusses gun accident prevention, and protection. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: