European stocks fell to 6 weeks low weight of the Deutsche Bank was astronomical claims ricky lee neely

European stocks fell to 6 weeks low weight of the Deutsche Bank was astronomical claims U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market news FX168 European stock markets closed Friday fell to six week low, Deutsche Bank plunged down banking stocks decline. Earlier, the German bank announced that the U.S. Department of justice asked for $14 billion to settle an investigation into the sale of mortgage-backed securities (MBS). European stocks vane: Pan European STOXX 600 index fell 0.7%, to close at 337.8 points, August 4th hit the lowest closing position. In the weekly last week fell 1.4%, the index continued to decline 2.2% this week, a record 6 months since the biggest weekly decline. The FTSE 100 index fell 0.30%, stock index fell 0.93% in the CAC-40 method, the DAX 30 index down 1.49% German shares. Deutsche Bank fell 8.5%. U.S. Department of justice asked the bank to pay $14 billion to reach a settlement news triggered the market may need to raise capital concerns. The settlement amount of $14 billion, far exceeding the bank investor and analyst expectations. It is unclear how Deutsche Bank finally will pay, but if it will be up to $14 billion, under the fragile finances a huge pressure. Deutsche bank management may have the opportunity and the US authorities will reduce the fines, but even pay about $10 billion, the bank also need massive capital, "the French bank Andrew Lim analysts wrote in the report. They confirm the bank stock a sell rating. The European banking sector index fell by 2.1%, Royal Bank of Scotland, Credit Suisse and UBS fell ranging from 2.5%-4.4%, these banks are also facing MBS related litigation. Portugal BCP Italy and Seattle bank that is the largest decline in the STOXX 600 stock index, the two banks have plummeted over 9%. Crude oil prices in the international market have fallen to a few weeks of lows, with the European oil and gas sector index falling by 1.4% due to increased exports from Iran. Proofreading: Jun bin editor: Li Wu SF053相关的主题文章: