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Fan Bingbing Yang Yang Sun Li Liu Tao Liu Shishi angelababy  the recent upcoming high yen value big drama – Jiangxi channel: original title: Fan Bingbing Yang Yang Sun Li Liu Tao Liu Shishi angelababy in the upcoming high Yan value with the 2016 IP+ drama TV series high yen value of hot, high investment and high quality excellent TV series 2017 also emerge in an endless stream, is an anticipated drama in recent years of high yield, and the upcoming drama very much. Chen Xiao Sun Li "that bloom on a perfect circle" "month" round that bloom in Shaanxi province Jingyang County Wubao Wu family history as the background, describes the origin of the richest woman in Shaanxi in late Qing Dynasty folk Zhou Ying the ups and downs of the inspirational legendary life partner Sun Li, Chen Xiao starred in the drama that people are expecting, Chen Xiao in the play is played Shaanxi wealthy young master Xing Sheng moved, Sun Li plays the legendary female Zhou ying. In the 1980s, Shanxi Province, four weeks due to gambling losses, his daughter Zhou Ying (Sun Lishi) to sell the home to Shen Shen Xing shift (Chen Xiaoshi) when the girl was rescued to escape Zhou Ying Wu Jia Dang Shen, Wu from the apprentice, involved in two grievances. Perplexing emotional entanglements and family conflicts, not only reducing the emotional drama road of historical figures, will also show the characters of youth, growth, emotion, interests, and other aspects of play for the audience. The play will officially start shooting in the end of the month! (commissioning editor Mao Siyuan and Qiu Ye) 范冰冰杨洋孙俪刘涛刘诗诗angelababy 近期即将开拍的高颜值大剧–江西频道–人民网 原标题:范冰冰杨洋孙俪刘涛刘诗诗angelababy 近期即将开拍的高颜值大剧   随着2016年IP+高颜值电视剧的大热,高投资高质量的优秀电视剧也层出不穷,2017更是一个值得期待电视剧高产年,而于近期即将开拍的大剧相当之多。   陈晓孙俪《那年花开月正圆》   《那年花开月正圆》以陕西省泾阳县安吴堡吴氏家族的史实为背景,讲述了清末出身民间的陕西女首富周莹跌宕起伏的励志传奇人生,陈晓搭档孙俪出演该剧令人十分期待,陈晓在该剧饰演的是陕西富家少爷沈星移,孙俪饰演传奇女性周莹。   十九世纪八十年代,陕西泾阳,周老四因赌博输钱,把养女周莹(孙俪饰)变卖到沈家给沈星移(陈晓饰)当丫头,周滢逃跑被救到吴家当学徒,从此卷入沈、吴两家的恩怨中。错综复杂的情感纠葛与家族矛盾,剧中不仅还原了当时历史人物的情感之路,还将为观众展现其中人物的青春、成长、情感、大义、担当等多个方面。该剧将于本月底正式开拍! (责编:毛思远、邱烨)相关的主题文章: