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Finland – recommendation: the poor state of the Helsinki defence by the impact of Sohu – game time: 2016 09.21          Wednesday   23:30: 0.76    asian handicap   Helsinki       0.75            Luowaniemi; European index: 1.04 1.55      3.70      4.80 match Preview: Wednesday night drama series the Finn Super League, leading Helsinki in a three game winning streak, the state suddenly sank, they visit 2 last week the League lost 3 consecutive league inter Turku, suffered defeat, the team at the top position is threatened. You know, last season was applied with the clock based team won the championship of catch up from behind, do not want to repeat it, the war moved to the home court recently swept the haze hope. Lova Niemi is now 6 points behind Helsinki, but the league is not over, the team will not give up the opportunity to compete for the championship. And against the current downturn, it is a good time to visit the team upset grab points. The last 4 League meetings, Luowaniemi 2 wins 2 flat unbeaten, but play a little restraint opponent’s taste, this competition team not willing to take only 1 points. The plate for the Helsinki handicap chase made 0.75-1.0 disk, data on the home can be supported, but from the data analysis, keep 0.75 aocai handicap, on the plate water level is lowered too, make it easier for game player Bo Helsinki rally. In fact, Helsinki this season stage, and the last 6 home court game Helsinki won only a sub game, win disk capacity is very weak, which continue to dig customer focus in cold Lova Niemi. Half the recommendation: go, make, the outcome score recommended: 2:2, 1:2 (-1) Helsinki Beijing single game ball, recommended: 0相关的主题文章: