Floor tiles with the skills of the 4 color scheme pork face

Floor tiles with the skills of 4 kinds of programs in the family decoration, the use of color should pay attention to the overall style of the match. How to choose floor tile color? Here is a brief introduction of several floor tile color collocation, Xiaobian a look! The floor brick color collocation skill collocation of 4 kinds of color scheme (profile pictures from the network)?? 1, yellow tiles?? yellow tile color, can be said to be a the use of more colors, warm yellow tiles, always make us feel more warmth. The overall tone of this living room is warm and comfortable, colorful furniture collocation, yellow wall, displays a warm living room decoration picture. ? 2, the dark green floor tiles, similar to the black – green floor tiles, laid in the clean bathroom, more foil a simple sense of the bathroom design. However, the color of the floor tiles, with more or less picky, so be careful to take. So, what color is good, there is no conclusion, according to the actual situation. ?? 3, dark brown brick floor?? retro atmosphere full of dark brown brick floor, dark wood and kitchen cabinets and cabinet, create a strong sense of retro. The bright yellow microwave oven has become a bright color of the kitchen, very eye-catching. So, no matter what the use of floor tile color, with the overall agreement, is the most perfect. ?? 4, light blue tiles?? bathroom design dream in blue and white, blue and white gradient tiles covered the entire space, as if you walked into the ocean in the world. The blue and white gradient floor tile color, especially suitable for the Mediterranean style decoration, fresh and beautiful, give a person a kind of relaxed experience. The above is a simple introduction of 4 kinds of floor tiles with color, and we hope to have a certain reference to the floor tile decoration help oh! – – – – – – – – – – – – – -相关的主题文章: