Foshan Metro Line 3 is the longest subway line in Foshan built in 2021 tda7294

Foshan Metro Line 3, the longest subway line in Foshan, built in 2021 for the Foshan metro line three Shishan station construction site. Nanfang Daily reporter Dai Jiaxin photo pictured Foshan metro line three Shishan station site. Nanfang Daily reporter Dai Jiaxin photo Nanfang Daily News (reporter Gao Qihua photo wearing Charles   intern Chen Yan) the morning of November 18th 9, Foshan metro line three line ceremony held in the line Shishan station. Foshan Metro Line 3 over a total investment of over $40 billion, called the longest subway line in Foshan, is expected to be completed by the end of 2021. Foshan Metro Line 3 Shandong station since the end point for the Shunde lions, College Station, line length of approximately 66.5 kilometers, set up a total of 36 stations, became the Foshan loop, Foshan Metro Line 2, after the city’s largest single construction project. As Foshan’s longest subway line, the main line of the Metro Line 3 through the north and south of Foshan, Foshan is also present in the subway project, the first to a north-south subway line. Line of Foshan Metro Line 3 to start, not only can be achieved from the No. 3 line of Shunde College Station arrived at Guangzhou airport 1 hours of high-speed intercity passenger coming in Nanhai District of foshanxi Railway Station, also can through the Foshan Metro Line 3, into the center of Foshan city in half an hour, 1 hours as the core area of Guangzhou foshan. In addition, the subway line 3 planning and up to the realization of the transfer of up to 13 subway lines, Foshan rail network to become the most convenient South North artery, accelerate the formation of Foshan rail network. In order to ensure the smooth construction of Metro Line 3, chairman of the construction unit representatives in Railway Construction South Construction Investment Co. Ltd. Jiang Hanxiang put forward 4 construction target. He said that the construction unit should make full use of the central enterprises in the management, technical equipment, construction advantages, integration of resources, accelerate the pace of development of Foshan rail transit. Hu Zhengmin, chairman of Foshan iron investment group, said Metro Line 3 will be transferred by other lines, and the formation of a subway network in Guangzhou. The next 8 to 10 years, Foshan will build a 300 km subway network, of which 9 subway lines will be extended to Guangzhou, to achieve "a ticket network" on the transfer. Editor: GDN003相关的主题文章: