Game Review – Alan Wake Xbox 360-aizi

Games While lots of games exist within this type of genre, Alan Wake is, without a doubt, the first of its kind in this category with a level of interaction that is very advanced, guaranteeing to keep a gamer enthralled for hours at a time. In fact, Alan Wake is quite addictive, making it extremely difficult for most to put this game down. Rated by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) rating system as T – appropriate for teens due to violence, blood, language, use of tobacco, and use of alcohol, Alan Wake is designed as a movie or television series rather than a video game. The single player game progresses through episodes, not levels. The final episode clearly lends itself to a sequel. Each episode takes between one to two hours to progress through. The story line of the game is that Alan Wake is a best selling thriller novelist from New York City. When he suffers from writer’s block, he heads for Bright Falls with his wife. In this quaint town, they rent a lakeside cabin, hoping to awaken Alan’s talent. Strangely, things begin to happen that are straight from the manuscript of a novel that Wake thought of writing. The seemingly friendly townspeople are actually possessed and make up a horrifying group referred to as "The Taken". Alan must protect himself from these people using light and weapons. Light subdues or kills The Taken in most cases. His flashlight is Alan’s most useful weapon, although conservation of the battery is an issue. Flares, generators, and lanterns are also helpful along his journey. Alan Wake finds clues and in-game objects along his way that gets him through until daybreak, when he is safe from The Taken. Part of the mystery of Alan Wake is that he is almost convinced and waffles at times with the idea that his experiences in the dark are simply figments of nightmares, rather than actual events. Players will feel genuinely frightened while playing this game. The authenticity of the experience is mind boggling. During the game, audio and lighting creates scenarios that engulf the player, creating an amazing and terrifying sense of involvement. Some scenes involve characters that are unbelievable and there are some corny lines along the way, but overall the long awaited Alan Wake was well worth the wait. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: