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Goodbye baby go out early to prevent embarrassment urgency – Sohu baby summer, the sun shines through the earth, but also a good time to take the baby to go out to play. But for the younger children, moms are always worried about many of them, one of the most worried about the scene, that is, the baby suddenly anxious urine. Public toilet limited resources, as does the baby’s raging hit, parents when how much? All the people in this photograph in Internet era, Mommy go out with your baby is difficult, baby hungry breastfeeding will be some people say not to mention anxious destructive to the morals, the baby want? If not handled properly, will not be able to be Po on micro-blog, how can this break? Don’t worry, come and learn the two trick. The first one: before you go out off with the baby before going out, Mommy don’t let the baby eat and drink too much, to take the baby stockpile on a toilet clear stomach, let go after the meaning later. If you don’t want to go to the bathroom at one thirty, then the best time to go out after the mother asked the baby if you need to go to the toilet, do not wait for the baby really anxious to start looking for a toilet. Second strokes: Daily little things to help the mother may say, sometimes even let the baby on the toilet, can not guarantee to go out after the baby does not need the toilet again! If the baby suddenly shouting to poop, but can not find the toilet, the toilet is overcrowded, or have a long queue, then how can I do? At this time, you need to find some small things to help you. · Lala Pants: babies if you go out for a long time, the best to wear pants to Lara possible period of want or need. Lala pants can absorb the baby’s size, and easy to wear off, suitable for outdoor use. If the baby is older, do not want to wear diapers, parents do not force, but the patient with baby communication, said clear reason to do so, try to understand the baby. · plastic bag: plastic bag is very wide, can be installed to play out of garbage, can also be installed in the baby’s stool. In public places, no toilet, baby if urgency, let TA to pull in a plastic bag, sealed away after, this can reduce the odor diffusion, a good impression to the people around. Plastic bags are small in size and light in weight, easier to carry than empty bottles. ·: paper towels: take the baby out, paper towels are essential items. It can clean your baby’s ass, you can also clean the dirt on the floor. If the baby accidentally pulled on the ground, remember to wipe with a paper towel oh. The third measure: upgrading equipment to buy Tips as a beautiful modern hot mom, if you mind in the street to pick up the baby rub urine feces, you can also consider the following several upgrades. · My Carry Potty travel toilet designed for children to travel outside the design of the toilet, lightweight and easy to carry, 360 degrees of sealing no smell, so that the baby can be solved anytime, anywhere. The travel toilet at first glance and luggage box no two different, open only after a glimpse of the secret, with a handful of above.相关的主题文章: