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Green home fashion brand released the interpretation of security a substandard baby clothing will bring what kind of harm to the baby? Authoritative survey shows that formaldehyde, heavy metals and other chemical elements on the textile fabric, if excessive, the light will cause the baby dizziness, insomnia, skin allergies, weight will lead to precocious puberty, cancer and other catastrophic harm. Parents have realized that children’s clothing not only to fashion, but also to safety! In September 8, 2016, the friends of music under the health and safety of baby clothing brand green house (greatfamily) in the Beijing star brand conference held a grand base. The new national standard GB31701-2015 "infants and children safety technical code for textile products" officially implemented on the occasion of one hundred days, as the leading brand of Chinese maternal and infant clothing consumption, green house (greatfamily) the conference invited hundreds of media and consumers to participate in, and with the entire webcast form, to show its excellent product quality and safety and for the pursuit of fashion design, called the mother must look for the new national standard GB31701 in the selection of clothing for the baby, "Yan" and should take into account security. Le Yun Yingtong, COO founder and CEO Hu Chao Gong Dingyu Yun Yingtong wonderful opening Le founder and CEO Hu Chao said, "you will be the healthy growth of children, toward a bright future as a business development mission, has been to provide a safe, comfortable, fashionable products for more than 800 members of the Yun Yingtong mother solution. In recent years, damage accidents involving infant clothing products frequently, as the safety and health of maternal and child supplies the full channel retailer, launched a green label (greatfamily) children’s clothing brand, in order to base higher than the national standard GB31701-2015, into the international design style, the classic elements will be the most fashionable Express taste, integration infants and playful playful and lively color, in order to make the safe and balanced fashion, in order to prevent any possible security risks, so that mothers can safely in the APP+ online store to buy a green chain + paroxetine (greatfamily) products. We still continue to strengthen R & D and production system and quality management system, and strive to promote consumer safety awareness and the development of industry standardization progress." On the one hand, for the clothing security issues of concern to consumers, textiles and garments industry experts and consumer experience through the scene on the way, so that we intuitively understand that the new national standard for limit standard of formaldehyde, pH, phthalic acid ester two, heavy metals and other chemical elements; the new national standard also requires infants and children under 7 years old clothing head and neck does not allow any rope. The green house (GreatFamily) since the spring market is the first to reach the safety standards of GB31701, 0-6 years old infants and children’s full implementation of a standard for all, mothers are more concerned about infant rope, green house launched a new exclusive original Department of law and robe jacket, won by China toys and baby articles of Association awarded the fourteenth Chinese toys and baby industry create a "Star" award". It is reported that this"相关的主题文章: