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Music In this article we are going to talk about Carlos Santana, the guitarist. He was born on 20th July in the year 1947 in Mexico. The child was madly in love with music and his love was guitar. In the early 1960s he moved to San Francisco where he made his band which was known as Santana blues in the year 1966. The glory or this band was buzzing the market from 1970s to 1980s and Santanas guitar was producing music of success. 2009 was most important year for Carlos Santana was awarded with an award for achievement made in her life. Mr. Carlos Santana who started learning guitar at the age of 8 years was performing in street clubs of Tijuana. Tijuana which is placed between the borders. As his father moved with the hope of finding work to San Francisco, Santana got a golden chance to meet idols king and to perform live. While performing in various clubs, he was also introduced with various styles of music such as jazz and folk. He also witnessed the hippies movement which was centralized in late 1960s. Santana decided to be.e a full time musician after working as a dishwasher for several years. Santana gained popularity with the rock, salsa, blues and African rhythms. He was having an immediate fan following from various San Francisco clubs. One of its memorable performances was marked in the year 1969 at Woodstock. Santanas first album was gone up to triple platinum. His all album were a big hit. Santana band member was frequently changing but the only member among trio who was idle and constant was Santana. Santana turn toward teachings of chimneys and also moved towards spiritual music which was marked by the small influence of jazz which he recorded with McLaughlin. The most popular albums of Santana in late 1970s and with the beginning of 1980s were amigos and zebop. In the meantime he continued with his tour and recording in both ways i.e. solo and as well as with a band. His popularity degraded when people begin interested or started showing inclination towards jazz and rock music. He was awarded with Grammy award in the year 1987 for the album blues for Salvador. Santana .eback in the year 1997 when he re-signed the album with first producer Davis, who was his mentor too. In this year 2000 Santana became very popular about 10 million copies of his albums were sold which was big hit. The album was named as smooth, which features pop lyrics which were catchy. Santana was nominated in all about 9 categories out of which he was awarded with the album, record, song of the year. Carlos Santana was awarded in almost every category in which he was awarded. Carlos Santana lives in California happily with his wife from whom he married in the year 1973. He with his first wife is having three children. In the year 2007, he and his wife filed a case for divorce. Later he was engaged with one of his band member in the year 2010 and married her in the same year 2010. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: