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Harbin: since the thorough investigation of general canvassing bribery violations cliques – Sohu general news to start work, the Harbin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection to do the general supervision as an important political task, has held more than 10 meetings to study the deployment, issued a specific implementation plan, set up special supervision and inspection group, to boost the general orderly work in integrity in the environment. Strengthen overall planning. Harbin City Commission for Discipline Inspection Based on grab grab early, adhere to the general trend of supervision as a key task. The implementation of violation of discipline supervision and conduct the negative list task list, the implementation of special education, talk talk, fast check fast knot, public opinion monitoring and emergency response, risk prevention, inspection tour six approach, the climate change action plan, supervision supervision list, there is a way to promote. Strengthen education warning. Conscientiously implement the central and provincial general job requirements, carry out extensive talk talk, urging party members and cadres strictly remind the organization principle and discipline. To strengthen the education and guidance, organization of city and district, county and township cadres and relevant personnel to watch educational films warning, lessons, alarm bells ringing, strict implementation of general provisions and the cadre and personnel system, constantly improve the deterrent and warning effect. Strengthen supervision and inspection. From the 27 discipline inspection and supervision of cadres to participate in 9 general inspection group, the full implementation of follow-up supervision of general work. The establishment of 2 tour inspection teams, sinking some towns divided checks, hierarchical supervision, implementation of batch deployment, cross supervision and advancing the grid coverage. Strict discipline to carry out the implementation of the general, honest government reply back and selection and employment, honest pass, the real responsibility to fulfill the Commission for Discipline Inspection in place. At present, 9 districts and counties (cities) have been selected for the investigation of the 148 party and government audit checks all made a reply to the whole of the 9. To strengthen the strict discipline. Adhere to the discipline and rules is in front, to increase the responsibility accountability efforts. Smooth channels of supervision of the masses, give full play to the 12388 hotlines, letters and visits, network and SMS platform to accept the role of timely acceptance of clues, real-time understanding of the general situation of the monitoring of the situation. The establishment of climate change supervision specialized agencies, establish a working mechanism to do quick check fast, by the Deputy Secretary of the deputy head, under the fast check group, specifically deployed 1 members, 11 business backbone, take precise supervision, inspection, tour site supervision method of clue investigation quickly run fast, the cliques, in general canvassing bribery, fraud and deception, such as the change of violation of discipline interference behavior adhere to the "zero tolerance", and always maintain high vigilance against corruption. (Harbin City Commission for Discipline Inspection)相关的主题文章: