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Hart sent out suspected reflections: no matter how the future will never forget today’s career with Manchester City last battle? Hart thanked the audience after Xie field Tencent sports news August 25th in the Champions League second qualifying round match, Manchester (data) 1-0 over the Romania giants Steaua Bucharest home court, and the success in the group phase of the Champions league. The Manchester City captain Joe Hart to the identity of the first stage, this is almost the England international at the Etihad stadium game. After the game, Hart in his Ins filled with a thousand regrets. Hart said in a personal Ins account, Hart wrote: "in football this business, I have spent a lot of special night, but in my opinion, tonight I’m feeling and excitement, is completely unimaginable. At this moment, I cannot express my pride and gratitude in words. No matter what will happen in the future, I will never forget what happened tonight. Thank you all." The British "Daily Mail" in an interview with reporters, Hart said: "we all know that I was in some of the" status ", but in my opinion, the parties are in a very occupation attitude to this operation, they are a good team, and an excellent coach. I’m so happy that I was able to play tonight and it was a special night for the team and it was a great night for me." Hart then expressed his loyalty and love for Manchester City, he said: "for me, here (Edie Harder Stadium) is a very special place, I never hide this point. I love it here. In the occupation football this business, these things happen (transfer) It is quite common for we are all men, however, we will properly solve these problems. But it was a great night and I had a great interaction with the City fans, I am very grateful to them and they appreciate me. This feeling is perfect." Hart these statements, almost equivalent to his departure. If not too surprising if Manchester City will officially announced the arrival of Chile goalkeeper Bravo, and Hart will formally bid farewell to the Etihad stadium. Hart joined Manchester City in the summer of 2006, where he spent 10 years (having a loan for the past two seasons), and grew up as one of the England delegates. For Hart, is about to leave a force for their own, struggling for 10 years, where he would not feel sad. (Robbie)相关的主题文章: