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Her bag is not less than Liu Wen, fame is not smaller than Qin Shupei, but low-key happiness, never tear, love is such a Chinese supermodel! International fashion circle China supermodel, everyone know like cuckoo ah, ah Liu Wen, Huayi Qin Shupei, He Sui, Xi Mengyao, three of these, in fact if sister has a special love of the China model to introduce to you ~! The beautiful girl standing between Liu Wen and the cuckoo, Feifei Sun. Long as tall and thin, especially a pair of long legs and clear eyes, like a deer, and was affectionately known as the deer to the recent New York fashion week, often can see the deer figure, she walked a lot of respect as in the past the post show. The Tommy Hilfiger2016 series of autumn and winter. The Vera Wang 2017 series of spring and summer. The Anna sui2017 series of spring and summer. Bone / Rag& 2017 spring and summer series. Not just as a supermodel catwalk also went to Proenza Schouler, the first show to show the identity of the first front row is to resume their fashion added luster. In the show, the deer’s street is more beautiful. Wendy Deng, Liu Wen, and attended a private dinner at Tory Burch. Is not familiar with the deer’s see here is not very anxious to hear you say to sister slowly starting point high career spell, Feifei Sun is such an international supermodel Feifei Sun, 27 years old, was born in March 20, 1989 in Shandong city of Weifang province. When Feifei Sun was 10 years old, he was still in primary school, he had grown to a meter of seven! Ask the boys in class psychological shadow… At the age of 14, she was chosen by a model school teacher to start training. At the age of 18, in Shandong Province, the first professional model of the results, was admitted to the Soochow University clothing design and display. 2008, Feifei Sun is an absolute turning point in life. In the Elite elite model contest, Feifei Sun not only won the Chinese division champion, but also got the world runner up. At first glance, Feifei Sun may not be in the public aesthetic standard of beauty, neutral facial contour hale, from the inside out exudes a high cold temperament. But the very characteristics of the east face, but in a cold atmosphere in the Oriental woman have a few gentle silk. It is because of its good condition and the characteristic, in 2009, Feifei Sun was the "Buddha" Karl Lagerfeld Chanel "refers to the fancy, pro Paris – Shanghai Senior Workshop series of annual show. "Qin Shupei (right) is the show’s favorite old buddha. After this, Feifei Sun’s model of the road smooth like a helicopter ride, directed at the international supermodel. In 2010, Feifei Sun was the first time for the big international show. But when the 2011 fashion week, she has become a regular visitor to the show floor, walked a total of 39 games. Busy when a show to catch up with the next, empty space when there are some gaps often have to shoot the magazine. But for Feifei Sun, T is her favorite place, because the love of the cause is decorated相关的主题文章: