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UnCategorized The rapidly growing sport of paintball like all other sports requires supplies in order to participate in game play. The paintball supply list that is needed for play basically falls into two categories – reusable and disposable. Having the right types of both can make or break a round of play. The first category is an absolute must for playing paintball. Reusable supplies are the nuts and bolts of the game. In this category, of course, would be your paintball marker or gun. This is the number one paintball supply. There are many different styles and types of paintball markers to choose from, depending on budgetary constraints and the type of game play scenario desired. A fairly inexpensive Spider, for example, doesn’t cost a fortune, but it is solid for all types of game scenarios. A more costly Ego is ideal for speedball. Beyond the marker, a beginning player will need to have a high pressure air or Co2 tank to power the paintball marker. Both types of tanks .e in a variety of shapes and sizes. The type of tank to purchase will depend on the paintball gun in question. Some markers might only function using Co2. The next on the list of must-have paintball supply items are pieces of safety equipment. A paintball mask, for example, is probably the most important piece of equipment needed to play the game (beyond the gun). When looking at these, .fort and protection should be the two biggest determining factors for picking out a mask. Other safety considerations include such things as optional protective padding. These paintball supply items aren’t required in every game, but they can make play more enjoyable. The types of padding include chest guards, leg guards, gloves and knee pads. These are all generally single-time purchases on a paintball supply list. The other type of paintball supply items falls into the disposable class, or items that have a one-time use and must be replaced. The number one thing on this disposable list is, of course, paintballs themselves. Choosing the right paintballs is like picking out all other paintball supplies. It will be necessary to try them out and see what fits personal style and game play the best. Paintballs are generally sold by the case. There are 2,000 paintballs to a case of paint and they range in price from about $35 to $85 a case, depending name brand and quality. First-time players generally are just fine starting out with more affordable paintballs. If the game is liked and regular play is anticipated, better balls might be added to the paintball supplies list the next time out. Other paintball supplies that might be needed on the field include such things as clean rags to tidy up the gun between games, plenty of water and even a few snacks. While some fields have refreshments available for purchase, this isn’t always the case. Make no mistake, it can get very hot playing paintball. When a paintball supply list for a beginner is created, most will find there are two major categories of buys that are necessary. How much or how little these will cost will depend on the type of gear desired, but certain items are must-haves. Things like the gun itself, paint and safety gear are absolutely required. A few other purchases can be made down the road on an as-needed basis. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: