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"Hide and seek" hair pieces version of the poster Wallace Huo a bloody show fierce – Sohu entertainment poster – Hailu Qin, Wallace Huo pieces of debris – Wan Qian, Wallace Huo version of the poster poster – pieces of spring and summer, Wallace Huo Click to enter [HD Photo] Sohu entertainment news suspense film "hide and seek" in the November 4th national release, the film side today released a version of the poster appeared on the scene of debris, a new role never before exposed posters, fragmentation of the relationship between the characters of poster design and actors have impact and make the story more whirling face. Wallace Huo in the face of a panic on the poster, as if to see what the terrorist scene, was instantly scared silly". The exposure of the four pieces of version of the poster, to film actor Wallace Huo and other starring role for the design theme, every piece of debris in the version of the poster has eye-catching color design, revealing a general puzzle thriller atmosphere, while adding new characters also made the original and more complex relationship between the characters. Wallace Huo and Hailu Qin poster, Hailu Qin hands out in front of Wallace Huo made offensive gestures is a bloody face fierce, small figure of Hailu Qin ‘protection around her daughter, the mother like living alone is facing a huge crisis; Wallace Huo and Qian Wan poster, Wallace Huo Wobi thinking, Qian Wan is a face anxious, want to open the children trapped in Wallace Huo under the window, there was a strange man scarred facial features, the scar faced man had never appeared in posters and trailers, the appearance seems to be a great meaning, that person; in Wallace Huo and the spring and summer of spring and summer hold posters, like electric batons objects Wallace Huo, looking terrified, grave; and poster with Dong Zijian, Wallace Huo wore a scar messy hair, Dong Zijian’s eyes with hostility, Although the two people in different scenes, but the atmosphere is quite obvious confrontation. With this version of the sea debris exposure, the characters and the role relationship is clearer, Wallace Huo seems to be mired in a puzzle, the role of insecurity, fear face. It is reported that, according to the society of true story "hide and seek", not only do their homework on the character set in the scene, and the plot, is also trying to break the pattern of domestic suspense thriller. The movie "hide and seek" directed by Liu Jie, Wallace Huo, Hailu Qin and Qian Wan starring, especially in spring and summer, Dong Zi Jian cameo, the film will be released nationwide in November 4th.相关的主题文章: