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How can I get a "A" in the American college class? – Education: picture for most abroad, especially in the United States to study the China students, they packed up across the ocean, is to have achieved remarkable achievement. However, it turns out that not every student can get what he wants, and even some students because of the difficulties of classroom study and was forced to drop out. So, how can we get the "A" in the American College Classroom good results? The most important thing is to understand the United States and other countries the necessary skills for college classroom learning. When it comes to learning, the west, especially the United States, focuses on the cultivation of students’ independence and inquiry ability. Here the independent learning mode includes several aspects: have a strong curiosity and be good at thinking; own ideas; have their own learning plan; actively seek outside help; make efficient use of the time outside the classroom. In addition to the way of thinking and thinking, classroom learning requires effective learning methods in the United States, teachers encourage students to think, because the positive thinking and the process of seeking the answer is far more important than the correct answer itself. Students usually receive training is to consciously expand their knowledge of the new things to maintain a positive curiosity, do not understand the things to be questioned and thinking, thus stimulating their thirst for knowledge. In particular, in the face of things that do not understand, students should actively clarify the minds of the question, to collect a wealth of information to solve their own hearts why (Why). However, this kind of question type education, in the Chinese classroom in the past is easy to neglect, moreover the student also does not have the too big free ponder and the exploration space. Accustomed to waiting for the teacher to give the correct answer, in the American classroom is not feasible. In addition to the way of thinking and thinking, American college classroom learning needs effective learning methods. In the American university classroom, the student is the study master. This is not an empty talk, but in all aspects of a clear reflection. The school respects each individual individual and provides a wealth of resources for the development of each individual. To this end, the students themselves have their own academic planning. Colleges and universities in the United States each semester of the course are fully respected personal wishes. In addition to meet the requirements of the school or college courses, elective courses provide a great choice for students, in a month after the semester, students can freely add or elective course, as long as the workload can in the range they can bear in. The main basis for elective courses in addition to hobbies, is their long-term academic planning and professional development. Some courses may be difficult, but for the benefit of the long-term development of the profession, which requires students to have a sense of discipline and self-discipline during the course, for long-term professional development plan. The university academic burden and many, should dare to actively offer advice and suggestions in the group discussion in the United States, in addition to classes, lectures, homework, examination and evaluation, group cooperation also need a certain method. In the classroom, teachers usually is a problem throughout the whole class, inspire and guide students to think, slides (PPT) or writing on the blackboard only plays the auxiliary function. After the end of the course, the student’s harvest is in the process相关的主题文章: