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Stress-Management Whether you are an athlete with aspirations of going to the Olympics, a business person who wants to succeed and get ahead, or a housewife who is juggling several roles and wants to be the best she can be, if you want to manifest Peak Performance, then you must learn to work from the inside out. What do we mean by this? When we think of managing our energies, we usually think of what we do outwardly: places we go, how much rest and sleep we get, what activities we involve ourselves in and accepting or not accepting additional responsibilities. Work from the inside out Consider changing your way of performing daily by working from the inside out. Learn to prepare inwardly before taking action outwardly. Ideally, we want to conserve our energies for the most important expenditures and not squander our energies on non-essential and things of a lower consciousness. Be aware of the tremendous range of energy we have within: from the vital generational energies used for procreation, to the lower emotions such as anger, fear, worry, anxiety and separativity to the physical energy we use for work and play, on up to our higher energies at the top of the ladder. Our highest emotions of love, kindness, .passion, oneness and inclusion are those energies that support our aspiration to be the best person we can possibly be. These energies that originate within, color the way in which we manifest all aspects of Peak Performance in our life. A person who aspires to manifest Peak Performance often wants to contribute in some way to the betterment of humanity. Such a person tends to be less self-centered and desires to serve others in order to find his or her fulfillment. Inner motivation inspires outer action. Re-focus your energies When you find your energies at the lower levels of consciousness, be determined to move your thinking, your emotions and your actions up one level higher. For example, if you are feeling like being a glutton and want to eat everything in sight, you would try to bring that feeling up one notch. You would re-focus your intention on eating a regular-sized meal with perhaps a special desert rather than going for two or three helpings just because it is a Sunday buffet. When you feel anger welling up, recognize it for what it is then re-focus your emotions to a higher level – that of understanding, oneness or forgiveness. In this way you can transform your daily irritations to peace and .patibility, qualities of the heart. The longer the lower consciousness of thinking, feeling and doing is within us, messing up the workings of our precious body, the less energy we have for higher use, for our family life, our business and our contribution to society. Aspire for the highest To work toward manifesting your Peak Performance, keep your energy and your consciousness at the highest level. Use your inspiration. You may be inspired when you see a person who is already manifesting their own Peak Performance. With this inspiration, you are then able to move up to the world of aspiration. With aspiration, you look forward and aspire to the time when you can operate at your own highest level to manifest your Peak Performance. Aspiration is the inner urge to move up to the next level of thinking, feeling, doing and We prepare inwardly first and then take outer action. When we were younger, we perhaps aspired to spend the weekend with a few friends on the beach with some beer and chips. Now we have graduated from that level of consciousness and our aspirations are more mature, soulful and at a higher level. Begin each day with the intention to make small changes in the way you think, feel and act. Work from the inside first, and then take action outwardly. It is not only possible, it is inevitable: within a short time you will be manifesting your highest levels of Peak Performance. You can do it! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: