How To Survive Christmas With Granny-adobe gamma

Elder-Care Curly haired ones, wig wearing ones and even ones with no hair at all… we all love our Grannies.. but spending 24 hours on lock down with a’Yardley London’ lavender scented, ‘Marks and Spencer’ hot water bottle hugging Granny can send some familys reaching for the Jack Daniels, and hiding Grannys false teeth so she cant recite the Dads army theme tune for the 100th time that morning. Along with Sylvanians, Tiny tears and East 17’s infamous ‘stay another day’ song Grannys are a fundamental memory of any 80’s Child’s Christmas. With their ability to recollect BoyZone lyrics, list the cast of Coronation street in under 5 minutes and love of Black Magic Chocolates they are a beautifully entertaining gang. So why does Granny’s A* behaviour go downhill at Christmas? Perhaps its to do with too much sherry in the trifle or an overdose on the sweeteners. From laugh out loud antics, including arriving on Christmas eve with a harassed Grandad wearing his and her reindeer ears (.plete with jingle bells) Grannys smiling face is forever ingrained as a sign the Christmas party has started. .plete with an industrial sized container of walnut whips, Old School tins of Roses and sugared Jelly fruits when the clock strikes 5 on Christmas eve Grannys across the globe say goodbye to Countdown, put a saucer of milk out for the stray cat, turn off the electric blanket (29.99 in the sale from Argos) discard the knitting needles, put their champion curlers in and hop on the mobility scooter proudly displaying their devil horns. What can be done? Heres a no nonsense guide to guaranteeing your Granny survives the Christmas period WITHOUT one of the Labour Governments ASBO name and shame faces at the bingo hall in the New Year. 1.Po-ta-to. The days when Granny was happy to tuck into a portion of chips on the park bench are a distant memory. Todays Grannys demand an all together finer dining extravaganza. Cheers erupted across Scarborough Bingo halls in Bristol when Mccain launched their smiley face potato filled delights. The average Granny consumes approximately 8 Potato Smileys in a standard sitting so 2-4 bags for a 24 hour stay should prove sufficient. Why not add a bit of festive cheer to Grannys tea time and make a santa hat with Tomato Ketchup on the Smiley face heads? 2.Teletubbies. Grannys adore this 2000 favourite and will happily while away the afternoon watching re runs of this now infamous show. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La and Poo will add a whole new dimension to your Grannys Christmas. Sadly you will have to make your own ‘tubby custard’ as this 2000 favourite has been discontinued in all major supermarkets (blame Jamie Olivers healthy eating drive). 3. Nothing. Do nothing with your Granny and you will be astonished by how amusing the older generation are. Tales of ill spent teenage years playing around in boats and accosting boys on their way home from the youth club will give you your Jeremy Kyle fix. 4. Hide and Seek. I remember my own Grandad’s pride and subsequent pain when he discovered a seemingly fantastic new hiding place (behind the sofa) when playing an ad hock game of hide and seek with my Nan (in the countdown add break of course) Several hours later he was still stuck (early onset arthritis) behind the Laura Ashley sofa admiring the floral pattern whilst a rather harassed wife tried to conjure up some sort of pulley contraption to rescue him. Give Granny ten minutes of uninterrupted ‘hiding’ time and see how inventive she can be. Top Tips.. bread bins, laundry baskets and attics prove popular hiding spots. So turn off your I phone, put your laptop in the back of the Wardrobe and ditch your friends for the day. Grannys .ing to stay!!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: