Ibrahimovic if I win the Premiership title second days I will retire (video)-doat

Ibrahimovic: if I win the Premier League title for second days I might retire Manchester recovery or the last radiance of the setting sun? Look at the 35 time Ibrahimovic midfield pass sports news November 10th Tencent revitalize the offensive as it has been from the Swedish national team, Ibrahimovic is very casual two weeks in this game on the national team, told MUTV, the name of the League at the weekend score in Sweden tower joked that if he is Manchester United won the Premier League title this season in second days, he announced his retirement. Ibrahimovic believes Manchester United can open to Swansea Mei at the weekend of two, broke up 2 months after scoring in the Premier League this season, Ibrahimovic has scored 6 goals, but now is still not completely united out of the doldrums, currently only sixth in the Premiership, domineering Ibrahimovic certainly didn’t give up the title dream, and declared that he and the team will do more to improve performance. It is reported that the super team to Ibrahimovic and Manchester United in the end of the contract to introduce the Swedish high center, but the 35 year old Ibrahimovic said: "if I can win the Premier League, I second days may be retired. I hope I can win, and I will win. We are unlucky in some games, but we always believe that when you have faith, you will succeed." However, the side now that Manchester United is not 3 years ago Ferguson had retired, in the past 3 season, Manchester United never really close to the league, Ibrahimovic knows this is critical: "from the bottom to the top, I think a great difference between. In the past few years to maintain the top level, you will feel this, that is where we are trying to." "I missed a good chance, that I had rarely encountered things, but this is a different league, I know I can do better, I know that the team can do better, I want to do more, I will also do more, we are still in the initial stage, players also familiar with each other, you also need to know more about the game." From the beginning of 2001, Ibrahimovic for each team played all won league titles, including Ajax, You Wen, Matus (official data), Basa (inter website data), AC Milan and Paris, in this regard, Ibrahimovic said: "I think the club is a club that I’ve played for other clubs I played for the club, each club is rich, if not before, but I also join in the club, you can see that the clubs are not the doings of regional, but globally, this is big." (Romario)相关的主题文章: