In a day in advance before the day closed training exercise on the first (video)

In a day ahead of a day before Caichang closed training [] inventory planning first honed Iraq 5 showdown between the Asian Cup draw with Iran winning a penalty in September 4th (Shenyang sports Tencent Wen Zhao Yu) today at seven pm, the Orangemen were training to prepare for the Olympic Sports Center in Shenyang. According to the practice, the team should be training on the day before the tournament, but now this time Chinese team will change to two days before the competition. It is understood that this is the need to take the initiative to make the national team coach, they will put all the energy into the starting lineup. After arriving at the Olympic Sports Center, national football was the first big photo. Each team training time to conduct a photo, it has become customary. After the photo, the team began to warm up, ready for the next training. As usual, the team’s training is only open to the media fifteen minutes before the reporters can only see the players warm up and grab laps. Once in the core content, the staff immediately cleared. The training for the Orangemen will be understood, as long as the team today on training exercises some offensive and defensive routines, and no temper lineup. The coaches have selected a day before the training on, but the choice of distance race has two days when Caichang, mainly to the last day of the training time of plenty. Because Caichang training time is relatively limited, only one hour, this one hour obviously can’t practice too much, more is to let the players familiar with the stadium lighting conditions. Now to make adjustments, the Chinese team can use the day before the training to hone the starting lineup. Tomorrow the team training will be carried out at the Olympic Sports Center amplitude field, it will also closed. In addition to running the team in addition to the lineup, but also the practice of free kick routines. So with the Iran team to play against a strong team, if positional warfare opened up the situation, so the ball is an important weapon to break the team.相关的主题文章: