In order to prepare for the wedding insomnia Zihan Chen lamented marriage good trouble (video) thinkpad s230u

For the wedding to marry Zihan Chen lamented "good insomnia trouble" mission impossible _13 > > > click to enter the Tencent to watch video, "mission impossible" Tencent entertainment news war drama "mission impossible" is Jiangsu TV broadcast of the drama theater happy hot, with more than 1.2% of the city of CSM52 performance ratings last weekend to continue to lead the provincial TV evening prime time television. Recently, Zihan Chen is also a good thing, in addition to television dramas, more in micro-blog announced their wedding date, will be with her boyfriend Dai Xiangyu on December 9th in the Spanish knot. At present, the wedding preparation has entered intensive preparation period, Zihan Chen more busy because of the wedding insomnia. In the interview, the 38 year old Zihan Chen big show of affection, Mr. Dai said in his eyes or "little girl", and "in my mind he will always be a dad, life every day we have a fairy tale life". "Bestie" instead of "bridesmaids" wedding "in the circle of Spain didn’t invite people in addition to the star’s wedding wedding bridesmaids concern, the same suction eye, and Zihan Chen introduce their bridesmaids said," no bridesmaids, I only bestie group, are my friends in Spain, they not all the people in the showbiz, but all bestie is my closest friend. All my friends circle and the artists are invited to hold a feast to thank in Beijing". According to Zihan Chen, after the Spanish marriage in December 9th, she and her husband Dai Xiangyu in December 19th in Beijing held a feast to thank. For this arrangement, Zihan Chen explained: "this is not hard to accompany me to fly to Spain so tired, so far. An actor friend if you want to attend a wedding, he may have to take four or five days off the crew to be able to come, he also very hard. I am also an artist, out of the understanding of friends so the wedding arrangements like this, can be convenient for me to be able to facilitate friends". For the wedding, "can’t sleep sleep" and "hair" husband: now give comfort is good memories near the wedding in less than a month, Zihan Chen and her husband’s wedding is also heating up, even for the wedding things can’t sleep sleep sleep. Zihan Chen in an interview: "every day, can’t sleep sleep naturally wake up very early, the brain he started as a" U-turn "wedding things up, hair a lot, so I felt very tired very tired every day is very busy, you can think that marriage is not so easy ah. But my husband said, now you all pay something later will be good memories, if it is an easy job to do to finish the day. You may not impressive, so you can now be more tired, it is worth a lot more snacks. Then I think maybe this is just a kind of comfort, but I really do not know the marriage So that is what it is.." Don’t mind the "love" and "Mr. every day in a fairy tale life" in life, Zihan Chen is 6 years older than wearing Xiangyu, and for "love" topic, Zihan Chen said the key is "right" and "sense of security", "in fact, I never thought we are asked, for example I never met a when I was 28 years old may"相关的主题文章: