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Business If you typed "Independent Profit Center Scam" into the search engines/Google/Yahoo and found this article/page/piece, I know a few things that are likely/probably/in all likelihood/in all probability true/correct about you. You’ve found/you discovered/you came across Independent Profit Center online and are intrigued by the concept/idea and the lofty/soaring RESULTS/OUT.ES/EXPERIENCES spoken of in the testimonials, emails and other spots on the internet. You’re also very/quite likely looking for a legitimate/valid/established/tried-and-true online business/work-from-home opportunity. Let me tell/Allow me to tell you a story I KNOW will shed some light. Just over a year ago, I hadn’t a CLUE about online marketing. I was a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom/stay-at-home mom who was homeschooling her kids who had tried her hand/worked at at MLM/multi-level marketing, paying out my ear for leads, finding (marginal/borderline success and wanting more…MUCH/SO MUCH more. I embarked on/entered into/ventured into a search and much like you, I found/I discovered/I came across Independent Profit Center online, on YouTube in fact. I listened to the message about generating/producing my OWN leads online and understood that I was missing a much more/significantly more/tremendously more profitable way to market by putting technology to work/allowing technology to go to work FOR me. But, I was also a bit skeptical/unbelieving/disbelieving. After all, here was yet another opportunity with a powerful/.pelling/strong/mighty/potent message and LARGE in.e claims/assertions. I had to wonder–Was this the real deal? So, like you, I went to Google and typed in: "Independent Profit Center Scam." I didn’t find much/very much/a great deal of anything credible/plausible/believable in the search results that spoke of/mentioned any "scam-like" behavior of Dan Miller – the creator/developer of Independent Profit Center so, I subscribed to/signed up for his email list. Because I am VERY skeptical, I read those messages and continued to scour/search/flush the inter. looking for negative information/info/data for several weeks before finally/eventually taking the plunge to start/diving in and starting my own Independent Profit Center. I quickly discovered/learned/found out/observed that all the promises made on the sales page are true/honest/the truth. The training is first rate/topnotch/outstanding and anyone can get up and running in a matter of/just a few hours. Inter. marketing/direct sales is not [a free lunch/a free ride/ an "E-Ticket" to financial freedom, but the skills necessary/required to succeed are all taught within the IPC website and at a price-point rarely equaled/foundin legitimate business offerings. Independent Profit Center is most definitely/certainly NOT a scam. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: