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Anti-Aging Your skin deserves the best anti aging face cream and no other. So, please stop subjecting it to a series of unknown creams from over the counter. According to dermatologists, picking just any cream from the local shelf on the basis of its attractive jar or a few unpronounceable names on the label is a bad idea. You not only waste your money, but also expose your skin to the risk of more harm. Remember, aging skin is already damaged. Those wrinkles you see on your face indicate damage. It cannot be healed through simple parabens or other moisturizing agents present in regular creams. You need a serious topical formulation that is specific in its healing functions. So, once your skin starts to age, you must shift your focus from regular creams to exclusive ones. An overhaul of your skin care collection is needed. Damage to aging skin Aging skin has a crumbled collagen and elastin network. Hyaluronic Acid, which is a natural hydrating .pound present in skin, is low. This leaves the skin drier. Due to breakdown of collagen, the structure of skin weakens and collapses. This forms wrinkles and sags. The skin loses its ability to shed dead cells from the epidermis and regenerate new cells. This leads to the accumulation of dead cell layer on the surface, giving your skin a dull look. Can a normal moisturizer reverse this damage? No. It will only create an illusion of smooth skin for a while. As you wipe off the product at night, you would again see that aged face in the mirror. As the damage worsens, which it will in due course, you may need oodles of foundation and concealer to hide those facial imperfections, which can be controlled easily with the best anti aging face cream. Specific products The cosmetic world is changing. Certain brands like Hydroxatone have taken the scientific approach .bined with the use of natures bounty to heal the skin in the most natural manner possible. Thats why experts suggest using creams that contain collagen boosters in the form of natural peptides rather than creams that claim to contain collagen. The former is more effective. It helps skin to increase its own collagen synthesis, which is more in tune with its natural function. Collagen molecules are too big to penetrate skin pores and heal the skin. So, creams that claim to increase collagen by supplying this skin protein externally are actually of no help. They just sit on your skin surface, appearing to work, but failing to give any result. Products like BB cream, the best CC cream, youth serum, Am Pm cream, and others are examples of cosmetic advancement. They take anti aging treatment to the next level. They are specific products that mean business and give .plete value for your money spent. It is time you bought something useful and specific for your skin. You do not need a multitude of creams for skin care. Just one or two skin products, chosen carefully and correctly, can suffice when it .es to skin care. The good news is that the best anti aging face cream is available online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: