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Politics Book Review by Carol Rae Moon The Christian Life and Character of the United States Author: Benjamin Morris A land of righteousness: Compared to other nations we have had a remarkable chapter in modern history. Christianity shaped the destiny of our nation from the beginning. Early Christian America was the land of the Bible, the Church, and the Lords Day Sabbath; a land full of freedoms. The spirit of the government was adapted to secure peace. The government was not viewed as oppressive while the unfortunate and poor came from every corner of the globe. The secret of all stability and enduring greatness in human governments, as with individual men, is to be found alone in the quickening power of the Christian Faith and its righteousness. Divine wisdom and power preserves the substance of social and civil welfare. Christianity is the divine method of imparting this principle of righteousness to men and nations. It is the only method revealed from Heaven for guiding our present state, and after this, conferring upon us the lasting rewards of a glorious immortality. The belief that there is a direct and immediate connection between the human soul and the Divine Spirit was present across the land. Now it is sadly true that a very large portion of Americas population are strangers to the genuine spirit of the Christian religion that showered its influence upon our institutions and society. Righteousness abandoned today: Causes have been operating, and in recent years, with fearful speed and strength, to produce a state of immorality and practical atheism among us, appalling in magnitude and of alarming consequence. A class of people without conscience, and reckless of all moral restraint, have gained ascendancy in public favor, and assume from their prominent position to mold and direct the public sentiment of the nation. Every age shows signs of public degeneracy, but nothing in our history seems to be more fearful than what is happening now. The faith and practices of our ancestors have been abandoned. Great masses of the people have been educated incorrectly, devoid of the Christian faith and its consequent impact upon individual and societal righteousness. The natural result is we have corrupted our ways in all circles of society and in all the pursuits of life. Honest journalism is rare. The brazen wickedness of a large portion of it and most of the people in public office have strongly tended to demoralize the nation, to undermine the foundations and destroy the influence of Christian discipline, and to turn the mind and heart of many to infidelity and licentiousness. Meanwhile, from the hearts of multitudes, the dignity of honest labor and the dictates of a sober and frugal economy have died out. We have devised a welfare system, fostering habits of all the deceptive high pampered extravagances and excesses of fraud. The neglect and abuse of our providential blessings, purity and virtue, have served greatly to defile and degrade the mind, leaving it to think like the low and vulgar herd. It provides the materials for human guilt and wretchedness whose catalogue of crimes and woes exhausts the power of language to express them. Beyond all this, political controversy and partisan strife for the reins and spoils of power, conducted without principle, and reeking with abuse, have taken so fierce a form as often to have driven the best men from the arena, leaving the worst upon the field. Yes, the worst, like those who direct our government today. There are only a few good men to which to look. Can Righteousness be renewed in the land? The true life and soul of Christianity has all but disappeared in America yet under such conditions a faint breeze is stirring among her masses. Will it prove to be a moral miracle equal to her first triumphs in apostolic days? To this objective all good men should devote their energies and their prayers. It is time that we see our duty and to feel our obligation. Gods great judgments are already in the land. Shall not its inhabitants begin to learn righteousness? The Christian people are beginning anew to think in first principles. They are awakening to the necessity of taking into their own hands the work of reclaiming the government and wielding its power more decisively for the glory of God and the highest good of humanity. Christian parents have resumed the discipline and religious training over their children. Some have risen to the departments of government. The Christian Life and Character of the Civil Institutions of the United States is a book that should be in the hands of every American. It shows how the spirit of Christianity entered into its cultural foundations. It shows the great drama of American colonization and independence. Great lessons are most powerfully illustrated. The book speaks for itself through the lens of great leaders writing from the pens of yesteryear. It is difficult to be free alone. If those around you are not free, you suffer the bondage as well. Therefore, it has become important to me that people should have this book. If this books illustrative stories and principles are diligently used, then, perhaps, as Byron Sunderland wrote, Under the blessings of God, it may become the morning star of the mightiest day of national regeneration the world has yet beheld. Would you take a moment to prayerfully decide if it would be possible for you to put this book, regularly, into the hands of others, and teach them to do the same? Such a small thing could actually help inspire the principles we once cherished and rebuild our foundations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: