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Jane Zhang responded to Feng Ke’s mother questioned the property to the new network will be called October new network – in 10, Jane Zhang’s recent good news, and the brokerage company boss Feng Ke, in November in Italy held a wedding. Not expected, her mother Zhang Guiying 9, has publicly accused the man a letter, not only harm daughter as mistress, mother and daughter also embezzled shares. For the mother’s question, Jane Zhang also issued a statement on the same day in, I’m not a fool". Feng Ke is the two time in response to micro-blog, Zhang’s mother to explain one by one, also said the name is willing to turn all the property to the name of Jane Zhang. Feng Ke in the afternoon of 9 micro-blog hair long, for a mother accused to respond one by one, to use my life to cherish the good Jane Zhang and her kindness. He said that all his property before and after marriage, and Jane Zhang all together, less city times equity change or not, does not affect the new agency two people property reporter Liu Zhongjun photo " src=" 201610109480.jpg" 20161010; style=" border: PX; solid #000000" title=" Feng Ke in October 9th to attend the conference, Jane Zhang comfort. China News Agency reporters Liu Zhongjun and ("); > October 9th attended the press conference to comfort Jane Zhang. China News Agency reporter Liu Zhongjun photo Jane Zhang day in micro-blog issued a document, for mother Feng Ke questioned this statement and response for equity mortgage and corporate supremacy, the said have processed properly, they are informed, are also in the management of their property, "there is no question of principle may, please we don’t doubt." In addition, Jane Zhang said the mother is a simple person, do not want the outside world again by the mother’s mood, "I can face, what can bear, but for so many years that she is away from the circle, she doesn’t want to be involved in any danger." Jane Zhang knew that the so-called "two generation gap", but she will not blindly, patiently explained, "I’m not a fool, I want the direction. Not wait until the old have a lot of money deposits, there are a few houses, there is a sense of security." She said before death, just want to do the things you want to do, reflect the value of lives. Jane Zhang in the process of communication with the mother, will all assume the worst are proposed, in order to just let mom know the worst, but also That’s all., she understood that mother love her heart, will continue to explain to each other, and revealed that the boyfriend for over ten years, two people who do not meet the time not more than 10 day, seems to have found each other, "my judgment is because I have confidence. My family, I will deal with and communicate, do not bother everyone. Thanks!" Subsequently, Feng Ke forward Jane Zhang micro-blog, and message: I admit that it may be my personality problems, it may be my communication is not good enough, what is useless. Since it is a question of trust, I solemnly declare here: I am willing to"相关的主题文章: