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Reference-and-Education Java is the technology which is all around us nowadays wheather it is cell phones, personal .puter, electronics appliances and any many other things of daily use. Java applications are very user’s friendly and .es with multiple features. In fact, Java is the technology which gives space to developers to develop applications with added features, as Java/J2ee is a platform independent technology and .es with additional features which are missing in other programming languages. As a result, Java application and other java based devices are much better then other technology. Java/J2ee is one of the most popular technology all over the world and is most demanded one too. Top IT and other Multi National .pany are battling each other for developing much batter Java/J2ee applications because Java/j2ee are in great demand in the market nowadays. As a result, these .panies are requiring well experienced Java/J2ee professionals. These .panies are ready to pay huge amount of money to Java/J2ee professionals, as every .pany is looking well experinced Java/J2ee professionals to beat the .petition in the market. The problem araises when candidate is a fresher, as there are ample number of Java/J2ee jobs in the market but these jobs are only for experienced candidates. But it is not like that, there are no Java/J2ee freshers jobs in the market in the present scenario. Fresher Java/J2ee job in the top .panies requires very strong knowledge of Java/J2ee, as these .panies wants out standing candidates for entry level Java/J2ee jobs. As after recession hit, the the scenario in the corporate sector has .pletely changed, no big .pany is willing to invest huge amount of capital and time on training programs of candidates. .panies are requiring Industry Ready Professionals to join them. The one of the sure shot methods to enter these top .panies is to go for industrial training on java/j2ee technology. There are large number of training .panies especially in Delhi ncr region which provides industrial training on java/j2ee technology, but there are no few good training .panies which provides quality java/j2ee training. These training .panies especially focuses B.Tech, MCA and other technical students, because java/j2ee training is highly demanded by technical students. As these industry based java/j2ee training helps students to get rid of their fresher’s tag. This java/j2ee training provides industry experience to students which they can add to their resume.During these industrial training programs students go through some real life experinces which are usually experienced by working professionals while working on live project in the .panies, as these training are not only training .panies but are in development sector too. The plus point of this training program is that students learn java/j2ee while working on projects. These training programs helps students to understand java/j2ee technology on a practical approach. These training .panies not only provided java/j2ee training but also helps students to get placement, as these training .panies keeps providing updates about job opening to student where they can appear and get a job. In short, we can say that these training .panies works as a launch pad for students to gat a breakthrough in the IT sector. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: