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Jin Yong and the south, perhaps all right – Sohu culture channel Mr. Jin Yong has been to a ripe old age, early they have been sitting on the fame and fortune, the claim is 5 million, what is not for him. But the young writer Jiangnan, probably also does not have the moral flaw. However, it can be predicted that every controversial and widely concerned cases will promote the rule of law to a certain extent. The legal consciousness, in the discussion and exploration is gradually established the consensus in the bumps in the industry standard and the bottom line, to inform the world, controversial laws and public opinion, it is a good thing. Fan works and plagiarism is essentially different from Jin Yong v. "the Jiangnan youth" infringement case, seems to be the most "bright" literary works "tort" incident, the complaint of Mr. Jin Yong’s argument is clear, Jiangnan also responds humbly. However, in the south of the fans will have this one case of infringement and plagiarism several literary works had comparable, in recognition of the Jiangnan Zhicuojiugai, attacked the copycat brazen when, but often overlooked the case with many previous incidents of plagiarism important differences: "the youth" Jin Yong is a martial arts fan works, the characters in Jin Yong’s novels from the name, is placed in the next plane, frank, and alleged plagiarism, is secretly deceitful, Lee wearing inclusion. In fact, Jin Yong also did not copy the grounds for prosecution. According to the "Tianya" magazine "network tribal dictionary" column, "people" of explanation is: "established in the text based on the image has been formed, and the existing characters from the original relationship between characters, basic story two plot creation and world view set for." The word "one" is from Japan into the modern Chinese though, but in fact this creation has existed since ancient times, such as the Qing Dynasty novel "Dang", "new story of the stone" can be seen as the "Water Margin", "a dream of Red Mansions" people "work. The main works of contemporary people Chinese, is the original identity on the circle of fans, with a love for the original power of creation, the "people" the creation of the author and the reader can be clearly identified in a "fan" works in which comes from the original, which part is completely original. In the complex interaction between the original and the original works, the creation of the people has become a vital part of the contemporary popular culture. But there is no denying the fact that people’s creation is indeed in the copyright gray area, once commercialized, it is easy to produce property disputes. Dispute cases reflect the social and cultural changes "the youth" is Jiangnan work 15 years ago, the author in the 23’s micro-blog also mentioned in the text, first published have to worry about legal issues and consulted a lawyer. Such explanations are reasonable and reliable. But because of "Youth" here reprinted many times, during the social and cultural background, including the media environment, the cultural production mechanism has changed dramatically. Although the statute changed little, but from the point of view of the civil law in the case of the case, Jin Yong v. Jiangnan case can refer to industry rules, trading habits. This becomes a need to consider the time span and cultural sub相关的主题文章: