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Julian Cheung’s whereabouts were sold: privacy was violated, Julian Cheung appeared Tencent entertainment news, according to Hongkong Oriental Daily reported, artist Julian Cheung (Julian Cheung) and former news anchor Cai Xueying attended the skin care product activities. Recently often fly away on a business trip, Julian Cheung found someone to "sell" the whereabouts of his micro-blog: "probably dozens of pieces of a message, I would tell you which take flight, followed by at least 2, 30 fans. In fact, sometimes I travel so fast that I can’t stop to talk to them and take photos, so I urge everyone to stop looking for me at the airport." Opening multiple phone numbers, Julian Cheung admits that the move caused a certain degree of inconvenience to himself: "both feel violated privacy, previously tried open back home certificate.". To be honest, even in Hongkong for takeout, I’ll leave my phone number. Once a fan called me, chatted with me, said his restaurant was good, and asked me to take care of it!" He said that he had only one mobile phone, so he decided to set one more number for business purposes. When it comes to online financial issues, Julian Cheung says, "I just go online at home, change passwords once a week, and sometimes I don’t remember." After the completion of the activity, he flew to Shanghai again, video variety show teach people to act: "this contestant is very clever, many are performing arts students."."

张智霖行踪遭兜售:感觉隐私被侵犯张智霖现身活动腾讯娱乐讯 据香港东方日报报道,艺人张智霖(张智霖)与前新闻主播蔡雪莹齐齐出席护肤产品活动。近日经常搭飞机外出公干的张智霖发现微博上有人“兜售”他的行踪:“可能几十块一条讯息,就跟你讲我坐哪班飞机,跟着起码有2、30个粉丝出现。其实有时我行程好赶,不能停下来同他们说话、拍照,所以我呼吁大家不要再来机场找我。”开多个电话号码张智霖坦承此举对自己造成某程度的不便:“都觉得有侵犯私隐,以前还试过公开回乡证。讲真,即使在香港叫外卖,我都会留自己电话号码。曾经有粉丝打给我同我聊天,说他的餐厅好,叫我多来帮衬!”他表示一向以来,自己只有一个手提电话,所以决定再多设一个号码作公务之用。谈到网上理财问题时,张智霖表示:“我只会在家里上网,一个星期改一次密码,改到有时自己都不记得。”完成活动后他又再飞上海,录像综艺节目教人演戏:“这次参赛者好聪明,好多都是演艺学生。”相关的主题文章: